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Pregnancy with Clomid

clomid success storiesI am wanting to hear other people’s experiences and Clomid success stories

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  • First time using clomid we fell pregnant on the first round with singleton second time using we fell first round with twins. Sam
  • We conceived our first baby on half a clomid tablet in the first month. Second baby conceived on three clomid tablets after four cycles in six months with a needle to make “egg pop”. Third baby conceived after four cycles of three tablets. . Kylie
  • We used Clomid in a bid to conceive for a year with no success, we are looking into IVF. Good luck! Sending you positive vibes, I know how hard the journey can be. We can’t wait to start the next leg of our journey towards our much wanted child. Tanya
  • Conceived while waiting for third cycle after trying for 2.5 yrs  all the best. Angelique
  • Conceived on our second cycle. Had been trying for 2 years without success. Kat
  • Been on clomid twice. It took us 6months the first time and then a month the second. Now have to precious little ones – 3 and 1 years. best of luck. Kirstyn
  • I had 5 cycles, ovulated 4 times and got preg twice (lost one) and now have a healthy happy 13w old boy. Rachael

What has your experience been with Clomid, comment below?

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