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Have you got everything?

By Emma

Everything but the kitchen sink… and the formula

I made Owen’s four month immunisation appointment for a bit before he was due to have his next feed so he’d really want his bottle after getting jabbed in the leg!  Twice.  But on the day he decided to eat on a different schedule, which is fine, but that meant his sleep was out of routine too and I had to wake the poor mite up to leave for the doctors. I phoned ahead to make sure the doctor was running on time, and I was told she was. I promptly got him out of bed, only to be left in the waiting room for another half hour.  My husband had an appointment at the same time with another doctor and he had Owen in with him, and the doctor took FOREVER!!!!  We ended up being at the surgery for nearly 2 hours.  Silly mummy thought because we wouldn’t be there all that long that I wouldn’t need to take a full bottle with me, just a snack for when he was distressed after his needles.  Because they were running behind and my husband took so long in his appointment he was STARVING!!  Lucky for me what little formula I did pack was enough to sustain him and put him to sleep in the car on the way home.

So, moral of the story is always be prepared for the unexpected.  Now I always take extra formula with me and everything else that I probably don’t need!  Just in case!

Have you ever been caught out unprepared and vowed ‘never again!’?
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