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What Vaccinations Do I Need When Pregnant?

If you’re expecting you might be wondering ‘what vaccinations do I need when pregnant?’ The answer is – just two! Pregnancy is a time when you need to take extra …

child health checklist

Health Checklist: From Newborn to Five Years

There is so much to think about and remember when you become a parent for the first time, including remembering all of the various health checks your child needs to …

What can I do to protect against Whooping Cough

What can I do to protect against Whooping Cough

Whooping cough is highly contagious. Here are some simple steps you can take to protect your family against whopping cough and the severe complications it can cause

influenza immunisation in pregnancy

Influenza immunisation in pregnancy

During pregnancy the risk of serious complications from influenza, the flu, is greatly increased.  The best way to protect yourself against the flu is by immunising against it.  In Australia …

measles in children

Measles in children

Measles in children is highly contagious and extremely dangerous due to the risk of complications like pneumonia and brain swelling. Immunisation is available to prevent it.

Queensland man dies from diptheria - cases are on the rise

Queensland man dies from preventable disease

A 27 year old man in Queensland has died from diptheria contracted within Australia. There is concern that lack of immunisation is resulting in an increase in diphtheria cases.

Free meningicoccal vaccine for Australian children under 5

A new meningicoccal vaccine that covers 4 strains to be made available for FREE for Australian children under 5 years old.

Victorian Anti-Vaxxers to be forced out of childcare centres

Victorian Anti-Vaxxers are kicked to the curb as the Victorian government tightens childcare enrolments. Will this impact you?

whooping cough vaccination

Whooping cough vaccination Australia

Whooping cough vaccination update. The latest recommendations for whooping cough prevention in young children and pregnant women

Meningicoccal vaccine in babies

Meningococcal Vaccine

Q&A: Would like to know if other parents have got or are thinking about getting their babies the new meningococcal vaccine.

Vaccintions concerns and questions

Immunisation – Your common questions and concerns answered

Vaccinations are one of the greatest advances in preventative health, but unfortunately vaccination rates have been decreasing in recent years. GP Melissa Homewood addresses a number of the common concerns and questions many parents have, separating the fact from myth.

What’s the story with the Meningococcal B vaccine?

What’s the story with the Meningococcal B vaccine?

“As a new mum and GP about to resume work, my ears pricked up when I heard of a new vaccine made available earlier this year targeting the most serious and common strain in Australia, Meningococcal B. So it was for a combination of personal and professional reasons that I trawled the available information. Here is my summary…”

6 week immunisation

6 Week Immunisation – Preparing for Babies Needles

Q&A: My DD is getting her 6 week needles this afternoon. Do any mums out there have any suggestions to make bubs more comfortable if she is unsettled after her needles?

Whooping Cough and unvaccinated family members

Parenting tips: Parents share how they convinced family members to get their whooping cough vaccine

Contact with Unimmunised Children

Q&A:  found out that a close family members children are not immunized. They have been overseas and have all been seriously ill since returning home from their trip. I have two little ones and my youngest is not old enough to have had all his immunizations yet. We have seen them since they’ve been home and the children have played together. I am really quite upset and angry that we weren’t told about this and I am not comfortable seeing them until my youngest has had all of his immunizations. I’m not sure how to go about talking with them about it, really not keen on starting a family feud but I really feel like I should say something. Any suggestions would be fantastic

Relationship Survivor: Who has this week’s immunity?

What do you do when you are very pro-vaccination but the mother of your children is heavily against it? Darrell explains how this issue has affected his family and why he supports his wife’s decision.

No Vaccination No Daycare in NSW

Discussion on banning unvaccinated children from childcare.

Flu Vaccinations

With winter fast approaching we are getting a lot of questions about the flu vaccine in pregnancy and young children. When making any decision about vaccination it is imperative that information is sought from reliable and evidence based sources. Too often, people question vaccinations, but don’t think to question the information that they are given about it. We have included some important information and link to where you can find more.

Vaccinations – for or against?

Vaccinations are a very contentious topic in any baby forum, mothers group or even amongst family members. We asked our mums whether they chose to vaccinate, delay vaccinate or not vaccinate at all and these were their responses.

Have you got everything?

Can you ever be truly prepared when heading out with a baby?