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baby puree recipesShare your baby puree recipes, what are your children’s favorite combinations?

  • Not so much a recipe but an idea… I added leek to a lot of my veggie purées from when my kids where around 7 or 8 months, adds so much flavour & not as harsh as onion on their little tummies (also works great with chicken purées). Pearl
  • my 6 month old loves pumpkin and peas lol and peach puree! all homemade. Crystal
  • ‘Annabel Karmel’ is fantastic, has a few different recipe books, I’ve got a few & found everything I’ve tried from them to be pretty good. Pearl
  • My 6 month old loves apple and pear purée home made. Neilly
  • My 6m old loves potato, carrot, butternut pumpkin and sweet potato. And all fruits. Amanda
  • Womens Weekly does a ‘Babies and Toddlers’ cook book that I love – gives the cook time for each food and gives recipes age appropriate as baby grows – think I just picked mine up at Woolies or something (just stumbled across it). Sarah
  • Some favorites for my bub are chicken with leek, sweet potato and apple or tinned salmon and veggies. Chicken, leek, potato and corn is good too, as well as puréed beef or lamb casserole. For breaky, his current favourite is oats soaked overnight (I soak in bm and water) and then mix through with stewed grated apple & strawberry, although you could purée for young bubs. Blaire
  • My 5 1/2 month old loves potato, pumpkin, carrot, a small floret of broccoli all pureed up and add a spoon of apples. when my 3 year old was a baby she LOVED potato, pumpkin, & broccoli mashed with a tablespoon of cream cheese stirred through ( I make extra for myself, its sooo yummy!) Kate

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