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Christmas Chocolate House Tutorial

Gingerbread houses at Christmas are iconic, and a great activity to do with the kids. But not everyone likes gingerbread, and some people are even allergic to ginger! A great alternative is a Christmas chocolate house. You can make it with the kids, make it as a gift, or even gift the kit to someone you know would love to make their own. However you decide to use it, this tutorial by Kate is sure to be a winner.

Christmas chocolate house

What you’ll need:
Rectangle cake board
Pre made royal icing
Choc melts
Gingerbread house moulds
Sweets for decorating


1. Melt chocolate in microwave and pour into moulds, set in fridge for up to 10mins

2. Roll royal icing over cake board to make ‘snow’

3. Assemble the house according to the mould instructions, using melted chocolate to join the panels. Tip: Do this in a cool room so it sets quickly, and prop up with a drinking glass to avoid your hands melting the panels

4. Once the house is assembled decorate with sweets as desired. The discount Lilly shops often have great Xmas candy that can be used as decorations.

For an extra treat fill the house with sweets too!

Store in a cool dry place.

Don’t you just love this Christmas chocolate house? What lollies would you use to decorate it?

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