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{RECIPE} White Chocolate Raspberry Frozen Whip

white chocolate raspberry frozen whipRecipe by Honey, You Baked!

Quick, super easy to make and perfect for Summer Entertaining, this frozen treat is sophisticated enough to serve to both adult guests and children alike. You can serve layered with raspberries in individual glasses or use the mini cones as we have done.

Makes 12

600ml Thickened Cream
150g Raspberries – crushed with the back of a fork
1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Bean Paste
3/4 Cup Icing Sugar – sifted
100g White Chocolate – grated
Mini Waffle Cones


Crush your raspberries with a little icing sugar and put aside;

In the bowl of an electric mixer, combine your remaining icing sugar, cream and vanilla and beat until soft peaks form. (Careful not to over-whip);

Add the chocolate and mix gently until combined;

Gently fold through the raspberry mixture and place into a shallow freezer proof container, cover and freeze overnight;

Remove from freezer 5 mins before serving to allow to soften slightly;

When ready to serve, take two small scoops and fill your cones.

Top Tips!

Add a fresh Raspberry on top to serve – or why not melt some extra white chocolate and coat the inside of your cones for an extra chocolate treat (remember to let it set before filling!)

Honey, You Baked! is Danni & Mel, two friends and mummies who used to work, cook and play together in Sydney. Now Mel has moved home to Tasmania and the girls spend time blogging about Baking, Making, Books, Babies and just about everything else in between! Drop them a line on facebook or twitter, they would love to hear from you!



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