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This Ice-Cream Art Just Ruined Ordinary Ice-Cream For Everyone

Singapore’s new artisan ice-creamery has made it impossible for you to enjoy an ordinary ice-cream ever again.  The Magnum Singapore store lets you “design your own work of ice-cream art” in store and Aussies can’t get enough.

Ice Cream Art - Gem encrusted ice-creams

Build your own work of ice-creamy art

While the gem encrusted art works on display might not be for indulging, customers can create their own artisan treat in store with a collection of decadent delights to choose from.

First you choose your boring, base ice-cream, then smother it in your choice of chocolatey gooiness to create your “canvas”.

White Chocolate Ice Cream Art

Now it’s time to choose your “medium”

Do you work in cookie crumbs or are you more the almond and rose petal type.  An artist doesn’t choose her medium, the medium chooses her.  Create your own sparkling and elegant flavour journey, or let your kids roll their ice-cream in crushed cookies and marshmallows.  Ice-cream art is for everyone.

Ice Cream Art

Finally, drizzle…

Drizzle your choice of gooey chocolate over your finished art work.  Here we see the signature piece by young artist Lelia, aged 5 at the Singapore Pleasure Store.  Magnum Pleasure Stores are the hot go-to dessert destination all over the world.  The bad news?  You’ll need to wait to try it here in Australia.  Two pleasure pop-up stores have been trialled in Sydney and Melbourne, but we’re still waiting for permanent destinations to express our artistic love of ice-cream

Original Ice Cream Art By Lelia


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