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Restless 6 month old sleep

6 month old sleepMy 6 month old baby is a wriggler and wakes himself up at night by hitting his head on the cot rails. Any suggestions to solve this apart from cot bumpers? Any suggestions to help my 6 month old sleep?

  • Make sure bubby is nice and warm Molly
  • You can get the singular rail bumpers instead of a full side Jess
  • I haven’t tried it, but am tempted as my 6mnth old is the same. Pool noodles under the fitted sheet against the cot rails Amanda
  • I ended up having to change to a porta cot because my Lo ended up wriggling her legs through the bars as well as bumping her head Anna
  • Safety sleep or in my case I just went in at regular intervals (every few hours) and moved him back to the centre of the cot. He did eventually stop waking up from doing it and now he can be found it funny angles all through the night. Brenda
  • Safe t sleep Rachael
  • You can get sleep positioners that stop your baby moving around the cot they sell them at big w i used it and loved it Sarah
  • I know you said no bumpers but this was all I could do for our little wriggler. You can breath through them (tested it myself before I put them on) they can’t stand on them and are very secure. Maybe just a thought of you’ve tried everything else suggested Pru
  • Pool noodles cut to size and put under fitted sheet. Haven’t done it been always see it written when ppl ask similar questions Alycia
  • Safe-t-sleep bed wrap Ollie
  • Can you elevate the mattress a bit – he is less likely to wriggle up hill Emily
  • I bought a Safe T Sleep. (Aka-straight jacket). It’s got 3 wraps for the waist & keeps bub in same position. My DS rolled onto face one night & I found these (thanks to a recommendation from best friend). Best thing I ever did. DS doesn’t rely on it either to sleep as I don’t always out him in it for his day sleep. Always for night though Elicia
  • I totally recommend using a safe t sleep Victoria
  • I’m gonna get an air mesh bumper for when my little lady goes into her cot Alle
  • These are good!! I know you said apart from bumpers these are mesh ones Jess
  • You can put a rolled up towel or pool noodle under the sheet Chloe
  • We were told our bub might be moving around a lot because of getting cold at night. Might be worth trying to add another layer of clothing to see if your bub moves less Kathryn
  • My little guy does the same thing love to no some ideas also Ellejay
  • Check the bedding. He way be wriggling as he is cold Cyrene

Is your baby a restless sleeper? What did you use to help?

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