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Review: Breastfeeding Mum Gift Pack

il_570xN.642994742_3wvoThis review of the breastfeeding mum gift pack is the perfect gift for any new mum or mum to be who is or is going to try to breastfeed. Or for any mum who would like to spoil herself. Put together by mums it contains samples of the best products which help you and your little one through the learning process of breastfeeding.

The box contains
~ One Breastfeeding Cover (You can choose the cover or be assigned one)
~ One Water Bottle 700ml BPA Free (Pink, Blue and Purple to choose from)
~ One Tube Lanolin Cream 10g
~ Two Sets of Organic Bamboo Reusable Breast Pads
~ One Tube Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector 30ml
~ Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) Information

Read the Review of the breastfeeding mum gift pack,  by one of our very own Baby Hints and Tips mums Jaclyn:

“The breastfeeding cover is absolutely fabulous. It is a great size and the neck tie makes it easy to feed bubs discreetly out in public with very little fuss. It is made of a durable cotton, which means bubs doesn’t get too hot feeding underneath it. The bamboo breast pads are amazing. They are a great size and are super soft and comfortable to wear. They don’t stick like other reusable pads I have tried and they are saving me a fortune on disposable ones. I also love the inclusion of the drink bottle. It is a great added bonus. Breastfeeding always makes me thirsty. I would absolutely recommend the breastfeeding box to all of my friends. It is a fantastic product. It would make a great gift for any mummy to be or mummy that is going to give breastfeeding ago. Hop Designs Breastfeeding box is a very well thought out complete supply of everything any breastfeeding mum will need. It comes together in a beautiful box and is well worth the Money. It has a detailed list and instructions of everything you receive, making it really easy to make full use of all the products.”

To purchase one of your own, click here

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