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Rhesus Negative blood type in pregnancy

rhesus negativeHas anyone had any experience with being a Rhesus negative blood type and have previously given birth to a Rhesus positive baby? I understand subsequent pregnancies can be high risk after giving birth to Rh+ baby and would like to know how other people have gone with their following pregnancies. (Obviously i will be having the anti D injections).

  • My mother is Rh- and I am RH+ (firstborn). Just means you have to have heaps more blood tests and get the needles. They never worried or told her not to have any more bubs. I have a younger brother. My partner is one of 10 and his mother is also Rh-. Mixture of + and – in her bubs. Kayla
  • I do. My first was neg my second was pos. my third was neg and now I’m pregnant with baby number four. Haven’t had any issues! Kaylee
  • Yes I’m negative and both my babies were positive. No issues with second pregnancy. Whenever I had a blood test they just double checked my antibodies to make sure Kintara
  • I’m rh- none of my babies are – blood type… It’s only high risk for subsequent babies if you don’t have the anti d… I haven’t had any problems and I’ve had the anti d for all 3 of my babies Caitlyn
  • I am Rh- and firstborn was Rh+ with no problems. Currently 32 weeks pregnant with another Rh+ (they tested blood type in utero) and no mention of this being a problem with 2nd one. Just having the usual anti-D Kylie
  • I am rhesus negative and both of my babies are rhesus positive. I had no issues at all, just made sure I had all the anti-d injections Naomi
  • I am & my bub turned out to be negative too  no dramas with injections & I had a very smooth pregnancy. Salli
  • I am A neg and both children are positive. Have had no issues with either preg or post. Yes I would recommend after having your baby to have the anti D. Wendy
  • I thought my ex’s & my blood types were ok… But when had both my kids they told me I needed the injection next day after delivery, bc for some reason my babies blood types mine & my ex’s create an issue alone the line.. Gotta love recessive genetic stuff. .. But just get the injections & it should be all good… I do know that they say the injection only “lasts” about 3yrs I think so any longer then that you need to get a booster Sherree
  • Im o- my first born is a positive type and i had the injection within 24hour of birth. I have a very healthy second baby. As long as you get the recommend anti d when you bleed and after giving birth. Dawn
  • I’m negative and my daughter was positive, so I was given an anti-D injection soon after she was born. Currently pregnant with number 2 and have no problems Leah
  • Im rhesus negative and given birth to two positive babies. I wasn’t classed as high risk this last pregnancy, they just give you blood tests to make sure you have anti-bodies and also the anti-D injections. Katherine
  • I’m negative, bub was positive. I had the routine anti-d injections so other than a bit of a jaundiced bub, there was no issue. Taleah
  • I am rhesus negative and both of my babies were positive. I had the Anti-d injections in both pregnancies and after birth with no issues. It was never indicated to me that my second pregnancy or birth would be high risk because my first baby was positive. Amy
  • I’m Rh- and had a miscarriage, was told bub was rh+, and that I would unlikely be able to have another baby, but had the anti d and managed to have another baby 2 mnths ago with a perfect pregnancy, also with anti d. Anti d is an amazing injection and worth all the pain and many blood tests to make sure no antibodies formed throughout my pregnancy. Teeka
  • As long as you have the anti-d you should have no worries. I’ve had 3 kids I’m a negative blood group two of my kids are positive. They are all healthy happy and awesome! Yael
  • I’m 0- and have given birth to four a+ bubs! Have never had any issues with any of them and have had the three injections with each pregnancy/birth. Nadia
  • Same as other ladies. Had the Anti-D babies r fine. Onto #3 now. Brook

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