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Smoking and Breastfeeding

smoking-and-breastfeedingHi I’m a first time mum and I’m currently 38 Weeks, I still haven’t decided if I’m going to breast feed due to me being a smoker. Does anyone out there smoke & bf? also what is the best newborn formula to buy?

  • I use NAN Ha gold. It’s a bit more expensive but well worth the money and gentle on their tummies.  Natalie
  • I would breastfeed and quit smoking.  Sally
  • Regardless of whether you have smoked whilst breast feeding and “my child is fine”, the long term effects are still up for debate. Personally, keeping your child as far away from those chemicals as possible is best.  Laura
  • I am sorry to say this and some people are going to have ago at me over it. Why worry if you’re a smoker and going to bf your baby. You have already exposed your child to smoking while you’re pregnant. Yes I am a smoker but never smoked while pregnant or while I bf then I started smoking again. Bfing is best for your baby but formula is also good if you can bf.  Loretta
  •  Personally, I wouldn’t breast feed while smoking. I quit smoking when pregnant and didn’t start again until my daughter was off the boob. If you are going to, it’s best to change your clothes after a cigarette to avoid subjecting your bub to second hand smoke.  Kaitee
  •  I am a smoker and breastfed both my kids. I just used to wash my hands and change my jumper when feeding. Both my kids are happy healthy toddlers now.  Danni
  •  Even as a smoker. Breast is still best! Don’t give in to formula give your baby the best!  Jade
  •  Great link Megan! I’m not a smoker but read with interest, that breastfeeding while smoking does increase bub’s protection against secondhand smoke and is better than not breastfeeding at all. Obviously, quit if you can, but I realise that this is not easy and sometimes not an option.  Kristie
  • If you are smoking heaps, it can reduce your supply, so if you are a pack a day smoker, I’d recommend reducing smoking. The benefits of breast feeding far out weigh the risk of having a mum who smokes…. Katherine
  •  Hospitals recommend a change of clothes and washing hands before holding a baby after having a smoke due to sids risks.. May make things a little tricky while you are out and about unless you wear a jacket while you smoke then take it off and wash hands before feeding.  Renee
  • I’m not a smoker but had lots of trouble with bf and had to move to formula after 3 and a half weeks. As for which formula is the best, its trial and error. What agrees with one baby doesn’t always agree with the next.   Lynette
  •  Trial and error with formula, what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other. DD was on Karicare aptimal AR as she suffered with reflux till 7 months! Good luck!  Crystal
  • Have you considered quitting? As you’ve already read, your baby will be exposed to so many chemicals which he/she doesn’t deserve, I’m not trying to make you feel bad, I believe if a smoker wishes to smoke it’s their wish, but have a big think about quitting.  Krystal
  •  As a smoker I believe that too many people judge us. Try BF and if it doesn’t work for you change to formula. Having a new bub is hard enough and sometimes having a 5 min smoke gives you a break. All the best and be kind to yourself.  Liz
  • I smoked with the first and I couldn’t breast feed, I stopped with the second and could for 13 weeks. Best thing I ever did was quit. Jodie
  •  I know quite a few mums who smoke while BF and you can do it.. Have a smoke right after a feed so only minimal (if any) is in your milk and have a ‘smoker’s coat’ one that you only wear while smoking.  Jacqui
  • Smoking and breastfeeding is fine, but cheaper formulas are fine, they all have to pass strict test before being sold, personally had no issues with Heinz nurture in the past with my 3 girls after breastfeeding, currently using karicare plus for my son as he was fussy when weaning.  Christine
  •  I had a couple of puffs or a full smoke every now and then with my first born while breast feeding, I just timed it so that it was at least an hour before I breast feed her and did that for 6 months. She is perfectly healthy!. I used Karicare Aptimal Gold once off the breast. My DD took to it easy and never had any tummy problems etc.  Chey-arhna
  • I smoke and bf I wash my hands and change my shirt after every smoke and keep hand cleaner in my nappy bag as long as u don’t smoke around ur baby it’s still the best thing for them.  Stacie
  •  And I know lots of people who do smoke and feed all have been fine.  Belinda
  • I smoked while breastfeeding. my daughter is fine..
    I use NAN H.A Gold. its fantastic.   Emilt-Jane
  •  My cousin smoked, and was told the benefits of breast milk out way the negative effects of smoking.  Lorraine
  • We used Heinz. I think its personal choice. Good luck and make the choice that’s right for you!  Chantel
  •  I gave up smoking for the first 2 weeks after bub was born, it’s very easy to not pop out for a smoke when you’re in the hospital but once home that was hard. Am still trying to quit. But don’t smoke inside or anywhere near bubs and try wear an old jumper or something you can take off when done, and always wash your hands.  Belinda
  •  I smoked while breast feeding my 3rd child for 8 months! He is a happy healthy 8 year old now! they don’t inhale the smoke which is really the bad bit not like drinking a glass of wine where your breast milk then has and alcohol in it!! bf hun its best for your child as long as you don’t sit there and smoke while feeding baby will be fine!  Kristy
  •  Maybe you could attempt to give up smoking while pregnant so baby goes through it with you. Then commit to breast feed. I think your baby and breast feeding is an awesome reason to give up smoking good luck with it all, whatever you decide is best.  Bek
  •  The benefits out weight the risk breast milk is still consider best for your bubs.  Katrina
  •  I ended up not being able to fb my 2nd, stressed too much about smoking but we used the cheapest formula. They are much the same as they have to all meet a criteria, it’s also a business selling formula so try and see what your little enjoys. Good luck, Do Not look down on yourself for smoking, it’s one of the hardest drugs to quit you Will be a fantastic mum. Best wishes xxxx  Sarah
  •  I use SMA.  Jenna
  •  I also use bellamys organic and it’s fantastic.  Jess
  • I smoked through both my pregnancies and while bf both my kids are fine.  Michelle
  •  I bf my dd for 11half months and smoked, and I bf ds for 4months and smoked… Kirraleigh
  • When I changed them to formula ( dd I was trying to get off the boob, ds I needed to stop for medical reasons) I used karicare just the normal one… Only formula dd would take and same with ds.. The hospital tryed him on s26 gold and he refused to eat
  •  I was told you’re better off breastfeeding regardless.  Simone
  •  The antibodies in your breast milk will help protect your baby against the smoke they r most likely to be around. also what they are exposed to while in the womb has more of an impact then through breast milk  Ruby
  •  I’d suggest trying to quit and then giving BF a go. Even though you may be able to successfully BF whilst still smoking, your baby will be exposed to hundreds of chemicals on your clothes, in your hair and in your skin while you’re holding them, which isn’t good for them.
  • Smoking also decreases milk supply; I’d suggest you do some reading on the ABA (Australian Breastfeeding Association) website.
  •  I didn’t smoke while pregnant but cravings kicked it after I had bub. Used to always wash my hands after and they say not to breathe on baby for about half hour as the nicotine stays on your breath and can be passed on. Breastfed up to 11 months.  Emma
  •  I smoked with all 6 of my pregnencys an breast fed them all don’t smoke while feeding an wash Ur hands after smoking.  Jess
  •  I was given a brochure when i was pregnant that said, all the scans you would expect, what sort of tests you will get and down the bottom corner it said, if you smoke, breast feeding is still the best thing for your bub. Also, if you can’t quit smoking whilst pregnant, 4 a day or less is recommended.  Jade
  •  Breastfeeding is the best choice regardless if your a smoker, just make sure you aren’t exposing LO to second hand smoke, and change clothes and wash hands after you have a cig,  Alaina
  •  If you are still smoking and pregnant baby is getting the nectarine already and more than likely has an addiction to it already. So you will probably find that it will need to be breast fed to feed its addiction. Otherwise you will have a very cranky baby.  Blair
  •  I smoked whilst pregnant and EBF my 2 babies- 1st fed to 10 months, 2nd is 4 weeks and going strong..(Well aware of health risks etc peeps so no judgment needed), never had issues with supply/baby health as both bubs thrived, very healthy  Melanie
  •  Breast milk from a smoker is still way better than formula. If you do decide to go with formula, we used NAN to supplement while in hospital, then Heinz when we got home, and later on S26 lactose-free when breastfeeding didn’t work out for us and DD was found to be lactose intolerant. I wouldn’t use NAN full-time, but Heinz and the S26 one worked really well for us.  Jessica
  •  Everyone has their opinion but i have heard that as bub gets the smoke toxins in pregnancy (if you are still smoking) then bub might be better off with the breast milk. It would allow bubby to kind of wean off the smokes like an adult smoker has too. My partner has recently given up smoking (and taken it back up) but the stress he endured and the hardship in trying wasn’t fun I can’t imagine it would be too fun for bub either. If this makes any scene at all. in the end it’s up to the individual but as ruby has said the antibodies present in breast milk will help protect bub. i breast fed all my bub (but I’m a non smoker) but when they went on formula I found s26 best they all liked it. Each bub can be different in what they like or can tolerate better. Whichever way you decide good luck and enjoy motherhood.  Bec
  •   I smoked and bf just wait a while before feeding or change your top if you’re worried.  Belinda
  •  I’m not a smoker but I use Heinz nurture.  Jess
  •  I like karicare aptamil.  Abbie
  •  If you can stop smoking before you have bub the better for you both. I highly recommend the Heinz Nurture for babies.  Diana
  •  My mum smoked up to the day I was born (month prem) and when she got through labour without a smoke she realised that she truly didn’t need them. Set yourself up to quit, cut back, patches or whatever, because she breastfed me for over a year, and I truly believe it helped negate the smoking during pregnancy. Perhaps one day your child will look back as I did during peer pressure and never smoke, because they have already been subjected to it, when they had no choice. Quit the smokes, breastfeed, and save your money for more important things.  Viky
  • It is still better to breastfeed if you can.
    One of my best friends smoked and breastfed, as long as you keep the smoke away from bub you should be right. Also if you have smoked while pregnant the miniscule amount of nicotine etc that goes into your milk will help bub deal with the slight withdrawals they would get from your smoking while pregnant.  Amanda
  •  I used Nan 1ha gold for both my boys! Was recommended by my health nurse as its easier to digest for newborns.  Samantha
  •  I am a smoker and I also breastfed while I had enough for my boys. You do get lectured but at the end of the day it is your choice. I never smoked while feeding and I always washed my hands and made sure I wasn’t wearing the same jumper etc that I had on while I had a smoke.  Sonya
  •  I’m a smoker and bf both my bubs. I had a “smoking jacket” that I would put on while smoking and take it off inside.. This was advised by my CHN. And always washed my hands before touching bubs and even went as far as brushing my teeth so I wasn’t breathing smoke onto bubs. I was never advised to not bf even tho I’m a smoker.  Olivia
  • I am a smoker… I spoke to a lac consultant and she said I can continue to smoke but don’t smoke at least 1 hour before feeding. (I used that as a guide but if my DD was screaming for it I would give it to her. Also try to have a “smoke jacket” or top that you change into when you smoke.. Due to other reasons I am not FF and she on aptimal stage 1 and loving it.. Good luck Hun I know how hard it is to quit and don’t let anyone guilt you into doing it… 40 years ago women would drink smoke and BF all at once. Melissa
  •  I smoked whilst preg and while bf-ing both my girls. Just wear a jumper or dressing gown when smoking and remove n wash hands after smoking. it is said your milk will dry up quicker being a smoker but there is no reason y u cant bf!!!  Sharnee
  •  I don’t smoke so I can’t answer that question. Not sure of research done on bf and smoking but the lactation nurse will advise you on that one. I was using karicare gold but when there was a shortage due to high demand I went to just karicare and I find it fantastic. It’s hard though bubs are all different sometimes it’s a trail for the individual bub. Good luck !  Julz
  •  I’m a first time mum and have only been so for 5weeks
  • I’m a smoker and bf, my nurse and other have told me that smoking while bf isn’t ideal but as long as bub is feeding and gaining weight it’s ok- I also mix feed her last feed of a night and use S-26
    But again some babies are just picky when it comes to formula
    Good luck.  Rebecca
  •  I’m also a smoker and bf both my 2 kids with no problems and plan on bf number3 when she is born in September. Good luck.  Kelly
  •  Breast feeding is best you should give it a go but if you can’t it’s your own choice . There are a lot of different formulas on the market I found nah nestle gold thinks its called really good but sometimes bubs doesn’t like it. Hope all goes well with everything.  Casie
  •   I don’t smoke but I would have thought it would be even more beneficial for bub. To breastfeed.   Kay
  •  Takes 95 min for the smoke to leave breast milk
  • So time it right. Breast milk is still better   Kathleen
  •  I’m not sure if smoking affects your milk at all. But I know that the harmful chemicals are on you and your breath for about 15mins after finishing a cigarette. I think asking as u are not smoking around baby and try and keep as smoke free smelling as possible and as long as it doesn’t actually effect your milk then breast feeding would be better then formula. Of course if u got help to try and quite it would be best for both of u. good luck.  Dannyelle
  •  Make sure you wash up first and change your clothes. The main risk is a newly named “3rd hand smoking” which is the residue on your clothes from smoking. As far as their being a risk with your breast milk I dont believe that nicotine would carry via breast milk. I would NOT recommend ‘other’ smokers to breastfeed however.  Storm
  •  I’m a smoker & bf my 15 week old dd she is fine thriving i ff b4 bed as she has slight reflux karicare ar & since starting that she is sleeping through the night!  Ashlee
  •  I’d wait until you know what formula the hospital is using and continue the same.  Michelle
  •  I bf my 4 and I’m a smoker. They just said to me to have a smokers shirt out with ur smokes to put in while smoking, then take it off and wash hands b4 going near baby.  Kerrie
  •  Even though it is recommended that you do not bf while smoking, it has shown to be better than giving formula. i now use bellamys organic formula which has been good.  Aly
  •  I personally like mamia (aldi brand) formula. Doesn’t froth and it’s only $13 per tin and has the same ingredients as the others…Monique
  •  S26 was fine for us, not the cheapest or the most expensive, and recommended to me by many girlfriends.  Jazz
  •  My mum smoked while pregnant and she breastfed. I’m sure you’ll be fine.  Rob
  •  Our Hosp uses nan ha gold so I kept my dd on that, my son is currently on the Aldi formula with no probs and it’s cheap.  Hannah

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