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Period returning after having baby

woman holding abdomenWhen did your periods return after having your baby? If you breastfed, were you still breastfeeding and how often? If you had stopped, how long had it been?

  •  With my son over 12 months can’t remember exactly my dd is nearly 6 months and nothing still. Kristy
  •  My 16 mth old still BF & my period came back at 6 months. I was in total shock when it did! Lol. Rebecca
  •  I breastfed for 17 months and was on the mini pill – I never had a period during that time, until I stopped breastfeeding and went on the regular pill. Nicole
  •  months and still breastfeeding 3-4 times daily. Sarah
  • I got mine 4 months after my son was born – not bf. now I’m bf my 3.5 month old and have had it 3 times randomly but only for a day at a time.  Kathryn
  •  I breast fed for 3 months, but they came back on the next cycle and were normal. Hannah
  •  I had a light period when my son was 9 months. Went back to my normal cycle once my son weaned at 13 months.  Ashleigh
  •  wait might be a rookie question but do u not bleed whilst breast feeding. Ashh
  •  Not normally due to hormones!! Carly
  •  Bf for 7.5 months then stopped and period came back 2 months after that but still irregular every 6-8weeks or so.  Stephanie
  •  Still breast feeding at 9.5 months and they returned at 6 months. Been regular right from the start. Bugger it!  Catherine
  •  I breast fed for 4 months then went on a holiday to the states, my breast milk dried up because of the high altitude of the state we were in. My period came as soon as I had quit trying to breast feed… The next cycle was normal.  Rachel
  •  Almost 4 months into breast feeding and still no period fingers crossed it holds out! Alana
  •  I got mine around 5.5 mths- I exclusively breastfed until 6mths.  Jen
  •  Breastfed both kids, first came back when bubs was 4 weeks, my 2nd is now 5 months and it still hasn’t made an appearance. Alicia
  •  I was ripped off! My first 3 I BF for between 14-26 months & came back before 6 months old! They were only ever once a night wakers though & slept through early on.  Caprice
  •  Mine got back on the 5th month after my daughter was born; I’m exclusively breastfeeding until now and currently am my dd is 9 months old… Ria
  •  With my first, finished BF when he was 6.5mth and got it back at 9 months. With my second, still BF at 7.5mths & it hasn’t come back yet.  Lauren
  •  I’m still bf my dd she’s 9 months and no period yet, I also have the Mirena in so that could be why. Donna
  •  I’m still feeding my daughter who just turned one. I haven’t had a period since April 2011 :)))) Bianca
  •  I breastfed for 11.5 months and my period came back at about 12-13 months. Teagan
  •  Not till after I COMPLETELY stopped breastfeeding at around 14 months. Louise
  •  My son is 8 months old and I haven’t had a period since falling pregnant, he is still breastfed 3 times a day, has 1 formula bottle and sleeps from 8pm till 7am. I never want to give up breast feeding if it means my period will stay away forever… Although I think I’m going to be in for a world of hurt when it comes back with a vengeance! Melissa
  •  Still waiting…. My little guy is 17 months and still breast feeding. I have had symptoms that they are in their way, but still nothing.   Kylie
  •  DS- period returned 9mths post partum, fed for 16mths DD- period returned 6mths post partum, fed for 19mths.    I should add…in both cases it took about 9mths for my cycle to regulate…when it returned it was scanty and irregular. Alison
  •  After my 1st – 14mths and still breastfeeding, fed for another year until I was 3mths pregnant with #2 After #2 – 15mths, still breastfeeding had one and then got pregnant after a month. Fed until 1 week before #3 was born. After #3 – 21mths, still breastfeeding (still going now at 28mths).   Alina
  •  My period came back at about 14 months and I bf. Jamie
  •  Mine returned immediately. 5 weeks post birth. I’m still breastfeeding ds 11 mths and have had a regular monthly period from day 1. I also demand fed roughly 1-2 hourly including through the night until 8 mths.  Samantha
  •  Mine were all different. The longest I BF’d for was 3mths but I was still postnatal bleeding at 9 weeks with that one. other babies I had a period around 6 weeks ish. Elizabeth
  •  Both times they were back 3 mths after bub arrived. I felt rather ripped off actually. I was still exclusively breastfeeding both times as well. Cat
  •  I’m still breastfeeding my 11 month old, mine came back when he was three months old and I fell pregnant again when he was 6 months old. Proof that breastfeeding as contraception is an old wives tale!  Grace
  •  Six months I started getting my period and ovulating. It’s important to realize u may get ur period but not b ovulating n vise versa. I fell pregnant straight away while fully breastfeeding. Exclusively breastfeeding should not b used ad contraception… It may not work. Candice
  •  I also fell pregnant again 6 mths after my first & was still breastfeeding. Definitely do not count on breastfeeding as contraception!  Cat
  •  I didn’t have a period until I stopped breastfeeding which was 12 months.  Karen
  •  With no.1 they returned at 2months & me bf till bub was 10mths. With no.2 they returned at 10mths but weren’t regular till about 18months. Still bf no.2 & she’s 27months. Nat
  •  came back when my son was exactly 11mths. still bf’ing and it has been irregular. he has only just turned 12 mths old.  Britt
  •  I’m still breast feeding at 11 months 5-8 times a day. They came back at 7 months. First 2 weren’t so bad, the last 2 have been worse than I’ve ever had seriously intense pain. Angela
  •  Mine returned when my daughter was 4 mths old. Who believes that BF is a contraceptive? Sue
  •  Mine came back when my baby was 6 WEEKS and has been like clockwork since. She’s 11 months old now and still BF.  Mary-Elaine
  •  I second that Sue Walton. Definitely not true! Mine returned when my DS was three months, he’s now five months and I’m still bf. I think it’s a good thing as we’re going to try for a second soon. Tanya
  •  Some people (older generation) were surprised that I fell pregnant again while breastfeeding. It was planned.  Grace
  •  I got my period 6 weeks after giving birth and I lost my milk at 9 weeks.  Amy
  •  weeks and I was breastfeeding, fell pregnant twice while exclusively breastfeeding also. Elle
  • 12months when I stopped bf.  Whitney
  • I was back to normal the next month with both my children and I breast fed the first one for nine months and my little girl is 6 months and still breast feeding.  Kristy
  •  My DD was 11 months old when mine returned she’s still bf at 21 months and I’m also pregnant. Rachel
  •  my daughter is 16 months. just now weaning her. I only breast fed…she refused the bottle! my period started after 2 months:-/ and were regular too.  Monique
  •  Mine returned after 14months when I started to wean my breastfed LO. Was bliss.  Michelle
  •  I was breastfeeding for 2 years and didn’t get my period until about the 18month mark… was so good not having it!! Spoilt

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