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Stocking Filler Ideas for Toddlers

Christmas stockingsAm thinking of a stocking on the end of the bed for DD this Christmas, I don’t want food (ie chocolate) in it but also don’t want to spend too much on stocking filler ideas for toddler because she has an abundance of presents for under the tree already, the idea was that if she woke up before it’s time to ‘get up’ the stocking stuff would keep her in bed Just wondering what  people pop in their kids’ stockings?

  • I think I’m going to follow this one: Something they want Something they need Something to wear Something to read You could easily go socks, singlets, undies, hair ties, pencil case, hair brush, toothbrush etc for the ‘need’ or ‘wear’ categories.   Claire
  •  We always do a stocking with small stuff like matchbox cars, colouring book, sunglasses, pencils, fun soaps, stickers, coin purse, pencil case, book, underwear set etc. always things found on sale or from the reject shop etc. my parents did the same for my sister and I. they actually still do it for us but with jewellery, perfume, clothes etc that my mum finds on sale!! It’s still so much fun to do our Santa sack together!! Lol.   Daria
  •  Bubble wands, bubble bath, mini craft activities – stuff like that. Usually stuff that keeps them entertained over the holidays.   Kylie
  •  We are thinking of some books and DVDs also some crayons and drawing books.   Emma
  •  Books for reading and drawing and also pencils, paper and those shape drawing things, etch-a-sketch, clothes, hats, sunglasses, cards such as ‘pairs’, toothbrush, hairbrush, hair ties and ribbons, notebooks and sticky notes for older kids, small tea set, socks, undies, playdoh cutters etc but put the actual playdoh under the tree for younger kids – you don’t want to be cleaning that out of their beds!!! Hope that helps…    Penny
  •  Santa usually fills my kids stockings with clothes and small toys (big w has a heap for $1ea)….but mine get undies, pjs and the like.    Lauren
  •  My 2 yo boy stocking fillers are colouring book and pencils that were on sale at coles for $1, fossil egg from crazy clarkes, bubble wand, new electric toothbrush, new dinosaur jocks, handball and dino book.    Sammi
  •  I love the little soaps at Staceys Soaps, they smell fantastic and are fun too. The Fairy soaps are especially nice. A colouring book or craft is good too.    Amanda
  •  We always have undies and a couple of chocolates in our stockings, last year we all got a DVD, and the kids usually get little things like bubbles, small tubs of play doh, hair accessories etc. Big W and K Mart have quite a lot of small toys for $1-2.    Melanie
  •  A doctors set? Fisher price have one under $20 I think.   Sian
  •  Hair accessories.   Jasmine
  •  Play dough.   Bridget
  •  Hair ties, yoyo, little pet shop animal, crayons, bubbles, tooth brush.   Diane
  •  Maybe a Christmas DVD & books.   Michelle
  •  I go a little overboard in every possible way at Christmas – my dd will have some undies, play jewellery, hair accessories, Disney princess perfume, colouring book, pencils, a yoyo, a whoopee cushion, a Barbie, a reading eggs work book, one small chocolate (it’s the only time apart from Easter she is allowed it) and a few other small things.    Renee
  •  Have a look at chalk chook and soap buddies they have chalks in shapes of Xmas things or cars, fairies etc and soap buddies had Xmas crayons and soaps or cars etc in soaps.    Melissa
  •  Depending on age Maybe some craft items, like pipe cleaners etc if she enjoys craft, pencils, textas etc mini notebook, coloured pens, cute new socks, face washer, lip balm, hair ties and clips I could go on all day lol.   Bek
  •  In our house we give the wrapped presents and Santa overflows the Santa sack which is huge;) so normally in sack ( I have 3 boys) is undies, singlets, shirts, shorts, trains, cars, bubbles, books, colouring books, pencils, figurines, DVDs, CDs, paint, play dough, Lego etc all the lil things that are annoying to wrap;) and normally one or two bigger presents that they have asked Santa for in particular or just things I know they would love from Santa;).    Lauren
  •  Pencils, notebook, bubble stick, undies, socks, slime.   Noleen
  •  Not sure how old yours is so I’ll give you both of mine.. Ds is only little still so little teddies, teether toys, is what will be going in his Dd will be 26mo so I’m putting kids jewelry, hair accessories, stickers, small pack of crayons & color book etc. Last year she was only 14mo so I put little teddies, crayons & color book, n one of that light up things from the $2 shop that someone mentioned earlier Hope this helps.   Chantelle
  •  Depending on age: bubbles, stickers, headbands, hair ties, bead bracelet, print off some Christmas jokes on nice paper, print some Christmas coloring sheets and roll them up like a scroll and put ribbon around them and put in stocking :))  Sarah
  •  It might be a bit much but Priceline have snow globe bubble bath I was going to get one for my ds but they are only girl ones like Disney princesses and tinker bell ! They are $10.   Rissa
  •  Australia post is great for little stocking fillers.   Amanda
  •  My DD got given some zoobles for her bday-not sure if you’ve seen/heard of them?    Kiri
  •  My daughter loves those little balls that light up when they bounce from $2 shops or national geographic. What about a small box of crayons and chalk?? They’re around $1-$2 each and they’ll keep her entertained too Or a book or even colouring books from Big W are only $2 these days…Raquel
  •  Age? But pretty little pads sickers mini pencils rubbers etc.   Mel
  •  Best & less have some really cute Lalaloopsy jewellery, hair accessories & sunglasses.   Margaret
  •  Hit the $2 shops for pencils, novelty toys and bits for crafts. The Reject Shop is great but so are the rest.   Charmaine


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