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Stopping Bedtime Breastfeed

Stopping Bedtime BreastfeedBaby is almost 12months old and I’m wanting to drop his bed time feed. Current routine is dinner, bath, book, boob and bed. What are people’s routines for bed and how did your baby cope when you stop feeding them to sleep?

Get your partner if possible to put your 12 month old to sleep to break the boobie feed. I have done this overnight to stop feeding every 2 hours & now don’t feed at all during the night. Andrea

Bedtime feed was the last feed my, at the time, 2.5 year old dropped. her only feed for quite a few months was her bedtime feed. I let her decide when to stop. Cass

Are you planning to swap to cows milk? I swapped my daughter into having a bottle at 630, then book and bed at 7. She still has a cup of milk at night and is 2.5yrs. Rebecca

Could you substitute a bottle of full cream milk instead of boob? We did that and works a treat. So our routine is dinner, play, book &bottle, brush teeth, bed. (We do morning baths). We started this at 12months in place of BF and now at 21mo it’s still our nightly routine. Natalie

swap around boob and book so boon comes before book then bed, should help break the association of boob and bed. Jemma

From experience with my own twins and being a baby/child sleep consultant i find the best bedtime routine is – bath, milk, book then bed. Maybe for a week change the feed to before the book and then change to the sippy cup after that week. Your baby won’t like it obviously because it is a change from the norm so you will have some protest from baby but if you’re ready and consistent then it will work. Linda

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