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Struggling mum: overcoming feelings of loneliness and isolation after baby arrives

struggling mumStruggling mum: How did people overcome the loneliness and isolation? My baby is only 3 weeks old and I already feel like I have nothing new to say to my husband other than how the baby went that day. I never thought I’d be the type to join a mothers group but now I’m thinking it might be a good idea?

  • I never joined a mothers group and I totally regret it. To have people around you that are experiencing the same things that you are is so important! Especially if you’re feeling isolated or lonely. I wish there was a second chance mothers group Ashleigh
  • I still meet my friends from mothers group every week. Our kids are still good friends. Our babies are 24 years old Dee
  • You may find your husband enjoys hearing about baby and there daily achievements. I found I was doing the same thing but although my partner (being all manly and such) would never act very interested, it wasn’t until I caught him talking to her saying “did you do this today did you” made me realize I wasn’t as boring as I thought I was. And mothers groups can help. They can also drive u crazy. Lara
  • Playgroup was the best thing I ever did with my daughter, I have made great friends and so has she we now do heaps outside of playgroup coz she has moved on to school but we have friends for life from going to it. Chloe
  • Old friends/workmates are great to catch up with too, and as a bonus they are usually super excited to hold Bub while you eat lunch/ enjoy a warm drink!! I’ve enjoyed some great text chats with interstate friends whilst feeding–even though I was still home, I felt more like ‘my old self’ Judy
  • Heading to my first mothers group in an hour! Should be good Raquel
  • I loved joining my mothers group for that reason. But also if you can get out and about with your baby, go for a walk or a coffee, as bubs gets bigger they get to be good company. There are some groups in certain areas that do pram walking groups and such as well. As for conversation with your husband, maybe just listen to the news or read the paper so you can talk about things outside the home if it’s bothering you, but just remember bub is only 3 weeks old. Kate
  • You don’t need to be a ‘type’ to join a mother’s group, everyone needs friends. Especially ones that know exactly what you are going through! Charlotte
  • I felt exactly the same. Didn’t want to join a mums group only went because my husband and mum said that I should. Best thing that I did. We all catch up once a fortnight for lunch but are a support system for each other all the time as we are all going thru the same things. Definately give it a go. If you don’t like the one you pick, then pick another. Sarah
  • I dont know what I would have done without my mothers group. Having that social connection with other people going through the same things you are is a sanity saver. And don’t worry about nattering to your husband about everything the baby has done – it probably makes him feel more connected given hes unable to be there to experience things directly Bec
  • Mothers group definitely saved my sanity Natalie
  • Mothers group is awesome! I highly recommend it! You’ll meet some awesome women who are in the same boat! Olivia
  • Mothers group is great I love mine and it’s a great way to meet new people. My daughter is almost 2 and we still meet when we can and many of us have added 2nd children to the group now your all in similar situations so it’s great to share what your going through. Dana
  • Join a group!!! I was about to put myself on medication until I did! Best thing ever. I’m still very close friends with some of the girls now and mum girl is 2! We need to have someone to talk and Vent to, someone in the same stage of life that you are in! A group is great and even a Facebook group for local mums in your area. Do it!! You won’t regret it! I even started at a playgroup when my daughter was 4 months old coz I needed it!! Not her! Rhiannon
  • I love my mothers group! I also started going to bootcamp where bub can come with me, it’s an all ladies group so heaps of other mums. It’s a big adjustment going from working full time, going out with friends etc to being home all day every day with this tiny little human. Good luck with everything! Emma
  • I remember that feeling and it was twenty plus years ago.Its a huge adjustment. join lots of groups. Robyn
  • Joins a mums group. Go out and have a coffee. Make a plan to get out of the house each day. Check out your local church – they often have resources available. Michelle
  • I love my mothers group! I joined one group when she was 2 weeks old (she’s 3 months old now) – a community group that was put together by the child health nurse and now formed a play group and another when I was 4 months pregnant – we’ve all grown our belly and babies together. We share ideas and inspiration, joys and challenges and we get each other out of the house. We go for walks and out for coffee and tomorrow I’m starting Aqua tots with these lovely ladies. It’s been really lovely making new friends who are going through the same crazy stage of life as I am and I’m sure I’ve made some life long friends and so has my little girl Bernie
  • I remember having a blow out with my husband because he said he’d be home in 45 mins but was over 2 hours. I was lonely. It’s a new world. It’s a different life. Mums groups are lifesavers! Just to have some Adult conversation!!!! Rachel
  • Definitely join a mothers group, also playdateaustralia.com.au is fantastic, helps you meet lots of other mums in different stages and the same stages of parenthood Solange
  • It can be very isolating in the first few months. I have a very funny yet supportive maternal health nurse who I confided in initially, later when the mothers group kicked it became better. Sometimes it’s hard to confide with hubby as they will never truly grasp what you are going through. I found even going for a walk with baby around the block would lighten up my mood and cut through feelings of loneliness. Remember you are the key to your own happiness it cannot be brought to you. Suven
  • My life saver was my mothers group who i met through the local health clinic our ‘bubs’ are all 5 now and 4 of them had their first day of school yesterday together. Best thing i ever did as a first time mum. 18. Strong group and we still meet up most weeks we even have our own fb page to keep in touch. Tamara

Did you ever feel like a struggling mum? How did you overcome feelings of loneliness and isolation?

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