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Surviving Carols by Candlelight

What are your best tips for surviving carols by candlelight with toddlers?

  • We went to our local carols with my 18mo ds- I wrote my mobile number on his hand in case he got lost. We stayed about a hour and a bit he was fine – loved the music & danced around but left so he wouldn’t go to bed too late.     Kelly
  • Make sure you can move from your spot and they have a little bit of room to be able to sing & dance in, so usually that’s near the edges. lots of snacks & those little light toys. Works well for both of ours, 19.5mths & 3yrs.     Sharon
  • I usually try and get up the front so the kids are fascinated by what’s on stage and don’t want to go too far. and when there’s heaps of other kids in the same area ur usually safe as all mum’s / dad’s look out for all kids!     Hayze
  • I have taken my 2yo and my 6mo to 1 so far. We were there for 4 hours; make sure u have blanket, chairs, nibble food and a drink for your littlies.      Chantelle
  • WE go local, walk down, walk home…all very pleasant. Kids love it.       Tanya
  • We took our almost 17month old on Saturday night, he was great for the first hour n a half then turned feral -.- lol he got bored n tired and wanted to run off n when he was told no or stopped from running off he’d throw a tantrum so we had to leave -.- next year we’ll have an almost 2.5year old n an almost 12 month old. I think next year I’ll take a playpen for the little one with LOTS of toys!! lol     Amber
  • Surviving xmas carols. Put hubby and nanna on kiddie crowd control duties and you sit there with your esky getting into the xmas spirit…literally lol. Seriously though, plenty of snacks n drinks, a couple of toys and a comfy spot to sit     Tamara
  • Don’t get comfortable! lol.     Hayze
  • We first took our ds at 2 years and he didn’t sit still, wasn’t interested in the music or anything & left after an hour. When he was 3 we tried again and he was good. Bought one of those glow stick things and he was happy. This year we’ll have a 5 year old & a 2 year old so it could be great or could be crazy!!!    Nat

What are your tips for surviving carols by candle light?

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