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Suggestions to organise your day better

Do any parents out there have any good suggestions on organising my day better? I feel like I never get anything done! 

  • Write out a list b4 u go to bed with most important things at top. But DON’T overload yourself. Mother of Alyssa 2.5y
  • Write a list of what you need to get done and break it down in to lots of small chores, eg dont try to vaccuum the house, just do one room. Then put your feet up for a little while, if you get the chance. Slowly you will get through your list. Try not to be too ambitious in what you want to achieve. Mother of James 8 months.
  • Find things that keep your little ones occupied while, my daughter likes a sponge to ‘help’ mummy clean so I keep a clean one for her. This allows me to get a few quick jobs done. Mother of Rowena 16months.
  • Enroll friends to help. Get them to babysit for an hour so you can get some cleaning done, then return the favour for them. Mother of Selina 14months.

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