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Sweethearts Day: HeartKids Australia

Gheartkids australiaive your other half a meaningful Valentines Day by supporting HeartKids Australia…

This Valentines Day if you are stuck for something meaningful to give your partner you might like to think of a donation to Sweethearts Day, the fundraising initiative for HeartKids Australia. This worthy cause supports the work of HeartKids as they help families through every step of their child’s journey. Sweetheart Day aims to raise the funds needed to provide this support, as well as help fund research into the causes, treatment and management of heart defects and broaden awareness of Childhood Heart Disease in Australia.

Childhood heart disease is not a single condition; it includes a wide range of heart defects, which a child is born with or develops in childhood as a result of other illnesses. Some cases require major heart surgery within days of a child’s birth, while others remain undiagnosed until adolescence or adulthood. Eight babies a day are born with a heart defect in Australia.

You may also not know the following about childhood heart disease:

  • 8 babies a day are born with a heart defect in Australia
  • Childhood heart disease is the largest cause of death of children under the age of 1
  • Childhood heart disease is a lifelong disease; there is no known cure
  • 32,000 Australian children have childhood heart disease
  • There are more than 32,000 adult Australians who have lived with a heart defect since childhood
  • Childhood heart disease can go undiagnosed until adulthood
  • Childhood heart disease is not the result of lifestyle factors

So if you are floundering for a gift for your other half this year why not consider HeartKids! To be a Sweetheart this Valentine’s Day you can;

· Donate or buy a virtual Valentine’s gift at Heart Kids

· Set up a donations page and host an event for your workplace, family or friends

· Share with #sweetheartday or #beasweetheart on your Facebook and instagram pages – awareness is as important as fundraising for this cause.

You can see more about HeartKids Australia at their Facebook page

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