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Unique baby names inspired by love

Unique baby names inspired by loveIf love is in the air we have the perfect list of unique baby names for you.

Maybe you think there’s nothing more romantic than making a baby, are due to deliver on Valentines Day or are simply in love-struck-awe with the idea of becoming a family.

Whatever the reason, here is a comprehensive list of unique baby names inspired by love.

Sources include:
* International names and words meaning love
* Titles of great romantics
* Mythological beings
* Adorable monikers
* Nicknames from around the globe.


Aiko (Japanese)
Meaning: Little loved one

Aziz (Arabic)
Meaning: Beloved

Carys (Welsh)
Meaning Love


Adelpha (Greek)
Meaning: Beloved sister

Amore (French),
Meaning: Love

Amia, Amie (French)
Meaning: Beloved

Amora (Spanish),
Meaning: My Love

Amorette (French)
Meaning Little Love

Amanda (British)
Meaning: One who is worthy of love

Angelica (Latin)
Meaning: Like an angel

Aroha (Maori)
Meaning: Love

Aphrodite (Greek)
Because: The Goddess of Love

Brisa (Spanish)
Meaning: Beloved

Charity (English)
Meaning” Love & Goodwill

Chaviva (Hebrew)
Meaning: Dearly loved

Caoimhe (Irish)
Meaning: Lovely and charming

Cara (Latin)
Meaning: Beloved

Carrina (Also Carin, Carrine) (Latin)
Meaning: Little darling

Grace (also Gracie) (Irish)
Meaning: A variant of the Irish name Grianne, meaning love.

Hathor (also Heather modern) (Egyptian)
Meaning: Goddess of the sky, love, beauty, and music

Ishtar (also Esther)
Because: Babylonian Goddess of Love

Imogen (Greek)
Meaning: Beloved child

Juliet (French)
Because: Romeo and… the original epic love story

Laska (Czech)
Meaning: Love

Lennan (Irish)
Meaning: Sweetheart or lover

Loveday (English)
Meaning: Name given to children that are born on a love day. A love day was a 12th century tradition – a day set aside for reconciliation or romance.

Luda (Russian)
Meaning: Love of the people

Mina (Also Minday, Minna, Minna, Minne) (German)
Meaning: Love

Nazneen (Farsi)
Meaning: Exquisitely beautiful, charming. A name used for a beloved woman.

Femi (African)
Meaning: Love Me

Freya (Nordic)
Because: The goddess of love & fertility

Priya (Indian)
Meaning: Dear Love

Philomena (Greek)
Meaning: Greatly loved

Luvina (English)
Meaning: Little beloved one

Prende (Albanian)
Meaning: Goddess of Love

Milda (Lithuanian)
Meaning: Goddess of love and freedom

Nuwa (Also Newa) Chinese
Meaning: Goddess of the wedding band and wedding jewelry. Represents Heaven and the never-ending sexual desire between married couples.

Venita (also Venus) Latin
Meaning: Goddess of love and beauty.

Ziva (Slavic)
Meaning: Goddess of love and fertility


Anwill (Welsh)
Meaning: Beloved

Armastus (Estonian)
Meaning: Love

Carwyn (Welsh)
Meaning: Blessed Love

Connelly (also Connor) (Irish)
Meaning: Love & friendship

Darcy (English)
Because: The dapper heroine of Pride & Prejudice, a great love story

David (Hebrew)
Meaning: Beloved

Dawood (Hebrew)
Meaning: Beloved

Enzo (Lithuanian)
Meaning: God of love

Eldad (Biblical)
Meaning: Favoured of God, love of God

Eros (Greek)
Meaning: god of love and sexual desire

Tristan (also Trist) (Celtic)
Because: The nephew of the King of Cornwall who fell in love with the Princess of Ireland. A great romantic.

Shaida (Muslim)
Meaning: Madly in love

Valentine (English)
Because: Variant of Valentinus from the Latin Valens: strong, vigorous, healthy. Saint Valentine’s feast day was the same as the Roman fertility festival of Lupercalia, which resulted in the association between Valentine’s Day and love.

We love these love inspired baby names – let us know if you do too.

From Baby Hints & Tips, good luck in finding a unique baby name that you absolutely adore.

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