Tag: Louise

Baby Steps: Got Milk?

Sometimes breastfeeding doesn’t work out how we expect. Louise shares her experience.

Baby Steps: A Day to be Christened

“I ended up in Church last Sunday with my baby, Mr X and the girl he left me for; and I was happy about it…”

Baby Steps: Where is the Love?

When you are pregnant you can’t wait to meet the little bundle you have been carrying and nurturing and helping to grow, to fall in love at first sight… but what if it doesn’t happen? ¬†describes how she struggled with her mummy-daughter bond and what it took to get it back.

Baby Steps: What’s Best for Baby?

Two days before Louise gave birth, her partner walked out on her. Then, facing birth on her own she developed complications. Here she looks back on that experience and explains why it was the best day of her life.

Baby Steps: The Last Seven Kilometres

Every year, in October, my brother and whoever is game enough to join us do an all day hike from Sutherland to Wollongong through the Royal National Park. I say all day hike as it will normally start around 9am and end anywhere from 5-7 pm…Depending on how many stops we take. This year I am unable to make this adventure due to my enormous belly that keeps on growing and the swelling ankles forming down where my feet used to be…