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Drying up milk supply

Help!! I have decided to stop breast feeding. Now im really sore I have been expressing when I can but I had to go out today so it hasnt been done much! My question is what can I do to help with the pain and to stop my milk production?drying up milk supply

  • the more you express, the more milk you’ll make as your body thinks your baby is still feeding, unfortunately yes it does hurt when you stop feeding, your breasts will get tight and sore, of need be only hand express the smallest amount to relieve the pressure a bit. Try taking a warm shower, cold packs. Jules
  • Give the ABA helpline a call 1800 mum 2 mum. Alicia
  • cabbage leaves help or if you get too uncomfortable you can get a medication that helps dry your milk up. Tamara
  • I went back to the pill and the milk stop… is really hard to get the pill that dryes the milk all the gps denied to me :(. Cynthia
  • similar happened to my niece – she was told by gp to get a cabbage (nice and big), put it in the fridge. Pop 2 leaves in the freezer for 5 minutes and then pop a leaf on each breast, wear a firm but comfy bra and change as needed, took about 3 days, but she said after a while it didn’t feel as painful. Also to do it at night and change it whenever she woke up….hope this helps :). Amber
  • cold turkey? supportive sports bra, cold cabbage leaves to relieve pain & panadol. Laura
  • I’m on day 3 of drying my milk up – it has been very painful the last 2 days but wetting my breast pads and putting them in the freezer have been a huge relief! Today being day 3 is so much better.. There are a few lumpy parts still but nowhere near as sore. I’ve Also taken panadene fort for the pain. (only 1 tablet and if I REALLY need it) good luck x. Sarah
  • Warm shower and hand express, massage to get the lumps out, nurofen or any anti inflammatory for the pain, if I were you I’d completely empty your breasts at least once a day with a pump, just to drain them and make sure you don’t get an infection. Wet 2 breast pads put them in the freezer and then pop them into your bra for comfort. I dried my milk up 2 months ago within a few days so I know it’s a pain, but it gets better, good luck :). Elle
  • I have read in another forum that a lady would soak a nappy with water and freeze then put on breasts I soothe them. Home made ice packs that are nice and soft too. Chelsea
  • I used up wet the face washers and gold up and put in the freezer then put in side my bra.helped heaps.I used to get a bit wet but it worked the best and had a longer effect then breast pads. Bronwyn
  • I used sudafed and cold ice packs also wear a bra. worked in 2 days. my breast where over flowing with milk and where as sore as anything. but after 2 – 3 days they where back to normal. Megan
  • you can just go cold turkey. I did. Took about 4-5 days and just used pain relief for the pain. Apparently cold cabbage leaves help too. Jorja
  • only express a little bit out to relive the engorged feeling, if u keep expressing until ure empty u will keep making milk. Meghan
  • heat, compression bandage and panadol and in the shower express enough to relieve and avoid mastitis. Mine took a week to go completely. Good luck. Danielle
  • you need to slow down your milk production as if your baby was weaning. Express just two feeds a day for the first three days, then one feed per day for the next three. From then, you should be able to not express anymore, but if you still feel you are producing a lot, just express enough to feel comfortable, but not until you are empty. Wear a firm fitting bra. You can use pain relief, but be careful what you take if you still intend to give your baby your expressed milk. Sage tablets, available from health food shops, can assist with stopping your milk production. Keep an eye on things so that don’t develop engorgement, blocked ducts or mastitis. I wouldn’t recommend going ‘cold turkey’ as it can lead to these complications. Maureen
  • I seen my doctor and he gave me tablets to dry up my milk, you could always go see the doctor if everything else doesn’t work for you 🙂 Emma
  • DON’T reduce fluid intake to decrease breast milk (as suggested by a comment). Dehydrating your body isn’t how you dry up milk sensibly. Sage or antihistamines are great for drying you up and decreasing your expressing times gradually so you don’t get engorged. Good luck. Katie

How did you deal with engorgement and dry up your milk when you stopped breastfeeding?

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