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Milk comes inI only gave birth 4 days ago and my milk has just come in about a day ago. I haven’t been able to express or breastfeed due to the pain. Anyone else been through this? What were your experiences when milk comes in? Any tips would be appreciated as they are very painful

  • What sort of pain? It hurts to start with sometimes, the actual let down of milk and the actual act of baby feeding. Talk to a health care professional if you can. Some degree of pain can actually be normal at first whilst you get used to doing it. Please pm me if you want to talk further, it can be a stressful time, especially if it’s your first. Sam
  • Both items have been recommended to me and I was bought a Vicks vap as a gift as well. Haven’t had the chance to use though Shai
  • It is fairly normal to have pain. If you want to breastfeed see a lactation consultant asap to check your latch and for tongue tie. It’s super tough in the beginning but if you can get through the pain it does become much easier.‪http://www.lcanz.org/find-a-consultant.htm Ange
  • you could try a couple of things .. The good ol cabbage leaves … A warm heat bag on boobs as you begin to feed & take a little panadol before you feed to take the edge off… It should settle soon once your supply settles Sherree
  • It’s hurts when your milk comes in they feel hot and like they will burst off your chest. I expressed and received some comfort. My bub was born prem though and couldn’t suck. U have to express or feed for relief. It will settle down in a few weeks but it will hurt and it will hurt sometimes when u have a let down. Just make sure bub is latched properly as u can get sore nipples as well. Hope that helps Tiffany
  • if it’s your nipples that are sore you can use lansinoh cream which is great to soothe them. You buy it from the chemist. It does get better though. Even with my second breast feed bub I was sore for about a week Kate
  • My boobs burned so painful when the milk came in & were engorged I was crying from the pain but it gets easier & the pain does go away, hang in there. I found these breast discs a life save & really helped to soothe my nipples Allira
  • Have a container filled with water and several flannel cloths in the fridge, put a super cold flannel on each breast and it will feel AMAZING and bring the swelling down. Once the flannels aren’t cold anymore wash them out and swap them with two fresh cold ones… I absolutely swear by this!! Also, even though it can be painful, breastfeeding will give some relief, it does get much much much easier! Natalie
  • The first few weeks breastfeeding were terrible, the pain was so intense, I had tears every feed. I does pass. Also lansinoh nipple cream is amazing. Natasha
  • I’d actually forgotten between my first and second how sore your boobs are to begin with! It will settle down in a few days then should only be painful/uncomfortable when you get letdown then after a few weeks it should be completely pain free. Hang in there! In the meantime take a panadol and stuff some cool cabbage leaves in your bra. Perhaps try and get an appointment with a lactation consultant so you can work on babies latch as well but sounds to me like it’s the usual breast pain rather than nipple pain since you mentioned you haven’t been able to express either. Though since you haven’t had much practice latching so far you might find some expert advice helpful to get you started on the right foot! Good luck, hang in there! Most people have a rough start but if you persevere it does get so much easier! Kelsi
  • My bub is 2 weeks old and she is my 3rd! I got a nipple sheild as I have lil nipples and bubs rips into them with her powerful sucking, I got the midwives to help me this time with the shield, it’s been great ! U do still get that latching on pain but as soon as she starts swollowing the pain goes! Also u might want to get bub checked to make sure their not tongue tied Danielle
  • I would see an IBCLC. Midwifes are fab but do lack the lactation training. IT sounds like the latch isn’t quite there and that can be painful,by the second week bleeding and cracked nipples are then happening. there will be a initial discomfort yes but full on pain sounds like a shallow latch. When baby is sucking onthe tip of the nipple it feels like hot needles!!! ouch ouch ouch. you may need to be taught how to get most of the arealoa into babies mouth so the nipple goes all the way back into babies palate and base of the tongue.I don’t think ppl are honest with how tricky brestfeeding is. its a big learning curve for mum and for baby to get it all humming baby will also have no idea, they panic and their mouth doesn’t stay open for long enough for you to get a deeper latch. I personally feel that its not like learnign to ride a bike its like learning how to read. Just because you have breasts filled with milk does not mean you will know how to feed baby, I learnt that the hard way after damaging myself Try to be patient, stress is a supply killer, get professional help mumma xx PS baby may have a tip or tongue tie which makes it impossible for them to have a deeper latch – very painful for mum and very uncomfortable baby as they cannot seal and intake air with every suck. Again a “GOOD” IBCBC will be able to check all of that out. Mary
  • My first experiences were painful because she wouldn’t latch so I now use nipple shields. It’s been an absolute blessing. The pump should have different settings (hospital one) start off gentle Tamsyn
  • the pain will get better it’s just cos your milk has just come in. Cabbage leaves placed over breasts help. In fact draining the breasts is very thing that will help it the most. If bun is having trouble attaching, my best advice is don’t put up with the pain of a bad attachment, keep taking baby off and reattaching til they get it right. It took the advice of so many midwives and lactation consultants but I got there and it was magical and got easier. It also sounds like you have a lot of milk, so that is great Louise
  • Draining the breast is important. Just keep feeding through the pain. It will get better. Maybe see a lactation consultant and give the Australian breastfeeding association a call for helpful advice. It’s hard and tough in the beginning but does get better Jessica
  • Ask to see an ibclc lactation consultant (or I or someone else may be able to recommend someone). Try hand expressing, get in the shower and point the showerhead directly at your Breast, water on hot and massage any and all lumps out Kimmy
  • Use heat pack on your boob 5 mins or so before you feed, than after use cold packs. After you have fed bub put some milk on your nipple and let it air dry and than apply lansinoh cream. Those hydrogel breast disc are great too. You can also buy these breast gel things, I keep one in the freezer and one in the cupboard for doing the heat prior to a feed Nicole
  • I had so many mixed feelings trying to breastfeed whilst in hospital. Every midwife has a different opinion and I was told ‘it shouldn’t hurt, if it does, take bubs off and try again’. Sorry, but it does hurt, and will hurt for a little while, but it does get better, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I found the best advice was from a midwife who suggested hand expressing (just into a tissue) before putting bubs on. It makes your boobs more ‘accessible’ as they’re not as engorged and it isn’t as painful. Stick with it, I was soo confused at first because I was expecting it to be second nature, but both you and bubs are learning something different so it will take time. Goodluck! And if you’re in extreme pain, ask a midwife or your doctor Kassi
  • I’m 4 weeks in and push through! Coconut oil and a little extra milk have saved my nipples! Cabbage leaves in your bra also work a treat Teegan
  • Jump in the shower before feed to express off a bit of milk to assist attachment when you do feed. When my milk came in I had watermelons. Painful. Also make yourself comfortable. I wore a stretchy t shirt that held a hand towel over each boob because any bra was painful. But remember it’s vet important to keep feeding. It gets easier. If having trouble with attachment see a lactation consultant or midwife to help ASAP. Feeding problems and pain can be corrected. Don’t give up Jocelyn
  • Call the Breasfeeding association 1800686268. They are great, day or night. They really helped me in the early days Tracy
  • Are you emptying out the milk at all? You wrote you haven’t been able feed or express. That will definitely not help with the pain. Get bub onto the boob they are the best at draining the milk out. Also use some cold gel nursing pads. I’ve also heard cold lettuce leaves are good too although haven’t tried that one myself. Take care and hang in there as it will get better Kathy
  • I went through a lot of pain with cracked nipples and bleeding when he’d feed due to the cracks. I found using Lansinoh cream worked miracles. You rub it on your nipples and can leave it in while bubs feeds. Completely safe. I found some times if I expressed just for one feed it gave my nipples a bit longer between feeds. It gets better, I wanted to give up so many times due to the pain but now it’s a breeze Abbe
  • I was NOT prepared for the pain of my milk coming in! They were hard as rocks and about 4 times their size. My midwife advised to wet two disposable nappies and put them in the freezer and then put them directly on the breasts (this was the only thing that offered much relief). Hot showers and try expressing some anyway possible, just to relieve the pressure. Panadol to take the edge off. It was the pain I struggled with the most out of all of it. Luckily the horrendous pain only lasted about a day before it started to calm down Julie

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