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How to increase milk supply

boost breast milk supplyI need help with how to increase milk supply I have heard fenugreek is good and I’m trying constant breastfeeding. Anyone with ideas to boost breast milk supply please?

See a recipe for lactation cookies here

  • I’m taking fenugreek 3 times a day and using this recipe for lactation cookies from bellybelly.com.au and it has boosted my supply plenty. Also make sure you are eating properly that was another of my issues.. Kira
  • Go see a naturopath. I got a remedy which included fenugreek and some other herbs and it really helped my supply Amanda
  • Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water, I find I need around 4lts a day Steven
  • “Breastfeeding support” tablets I got them from a health food store. Worked for me within 48hours. Angie
  • belly belly.com.au bikkies & drink lots of water Allira
  • If you want to lose some weight too I would recommend the lose baby weight smoothies, they make my supply go crazy, lol. Kate
  • beer, seriously. I have no idea how much but I know there is something in it that helps with breastfeeding and supply Maegan
  • My supply was slow to come in, and my midwife suggested fenugreek. I take it 3 times a day. I also started expressing after each day feed. This really helped bump up my supply Brianna
  • lots of water! At least 2 litres per day Sally
  • Try herbs of gold – breastfeeding support tablets. They contain fenugreek & blessed thistle. I take 2 2ce a day. I also eat lactation cookies. Both have helped me. Good luck Lorien
  • aw peanuts from shells. Sounds crazy, my mum bought me a truck load. I thought she was crazy but, it boosted my milk and made richer. Good luck Mandy
  • I would suggest seeing an IBCLC to check baby for tongue or lip tie, as these are often the cause of low supply. Also if bub is having plenty of wet nappies and weight gain you don’t have supply issues. If you do need to increase supply, feed and pump often. Fenugreek and lactation cookies can also help Erin
  • Blessed thistle and lactation cookies! Sarah
  • Fenugreek, lactation cookies and Motillium Kyra
  • Lactation cookies Anything yeasty Stout Celeste
  • Fenugreek definitely helped for breastfeeding my twins when I felt like I almost didn’t have enough Jenny

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