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Difficult baby? Surprising research

Difficult baby? Surprising Research

Difficult baby does not equate to difficult child

Bath time tips

Q&A: Hi my son used to love his bath, in fact would scream at bath time until you put him in. But now the complete opposite for the past week as soon as you put him in he screams uncontrollably until you take him out, any suggestions on how to make him like a bath again?

controlled crying

Controlled Crying

There often seems to be a lot of confusion about what ‘controlled crying’ is (as opposed to ‘crying it out’ and ‘attachment settling’). Here we explain what it actually is, and other parents share their experience of using it.

baby reflux

Reflux in babies

Q&A:¬†What are your best tips for other parents with babies with reflux, what worked for you, what doesn’t help?? How old was your baby when diagnosed and when did it resolve?

Crying every time in the car

Q&A: My 2 week and 3 day old son! Every time we go in the car he starts crying gets himself all worked up!