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Reflux in babies

Reflux in baby occurs when the stomach contents move back up into the oesophagus. It is important to know that not all vomiting means reflux, so a visit to the GP is the best starting point.

A great resource is RISA (reflux Infants Support Association)

(Medical disclaimer: Tips provided need to be considered in conjunction with medical advice. For immediate concerns, please contact HealthDirect (Australia wide) ph 1800 022 222 – to talk to a registered nurse 24hrs a day, and in emergencies call 000.)

What are your best tips for other parents with babies with reflux, what worked for you, what doesn’t help?? How old was your baby when diagnosed and when did it resolve?

Happy Chucker

  • With my son the pain didn’t really bother because he would projectile vomit after every feed and then he was fine again but luckily he was born big (9 lb 13oz) so he was always a healthy weight even when he lost weight, at about 2 weeks old he got below his birth weight but then grew again. I feel sorry for the Bubs who have reflux that causes them pain and for the mums having to see their babies in pain.
  • My oldest 2 were happy spewers, they regularly spewed but were not bothered and continued to gain wait. My youngest projectile spewed but again gained weight and was happy.  Check with your GP if unsure but no need to medicate or change anything if they aren’t bothered by it. Tanya

Zantac (ranitidine)

  • I used to have the mattress raised at head end. My son would only sleep upright during the day and if i laid him down, I would find myself picking him up 3 or 4 times to reburp him. I could hear him ‘swallowing’ when I laid him down. I finally went to the dr and he was diagnosed with reflux at about 2-3 months old and put on Zantac – we soon had a new baby! We weaned him off it at 12 months old
  • My 5th was the only one to have refulx and he had it severe from 12 hours old when he was put into special care. The only thing that got rid of the burning pain was zantac which he absolutely hated he also had projectile vomiting to go with it which didn’t stop until 11 months old! it was horrible and nothing worked.
  • My ds had silent reflux he was diagnosed at around 10 weeks when I just couldn’t handle the screaming anymore. He went on losec but I couldn’t get him to take it so we tried Zantac Which was great. That infants friend and a lot of cuddles. Luckily for us, when we started on solids at 16 weeks his reflux seemed to die down. I bf for that time then went ro formula around 4 1/2 months

Losec (omeprazole)

  • My daughter had reflux diagnosed by the paediatrician at about 6 weeks. She gets Losec suspension made up by the chemist and she has been so settled ever since. I highly recommend it. It was horrible seeing her in pain. Rebecca
  • Losec worked the bet for us, also keeping her upright for 20 mins after every feed. She had silent reflux so it took me awhile to figure out what the problem was but once we started on losec she was an angel !!
  • My lil boy was diagnosed with reflux at 6weeks my gp put him on losec. I was adviced not to change his formula he did vomit his formula back up would be on serve pain screaming for long periods of time.  Clinic nurse also suggested a chiropractor who deals with young bubs and child. After seeing her he has been a totally different baby. We are slowly weaning him off having losec it been a week now and he is going great. Melissa
  • Losec for severe cases. 
Deep baths. 
Tilted cot. 
  • My baby has silent reflux (reflux is regurgitation & burn, silent reflux is no regurg just the severe burn) has been on Losec from 6 wks 1st on suspension but we found it loses its potency after couple of weeks, now use tablets he is now a different bub. Now 6 months old and trying to wean off medication but it keeps flaring up each time we try. Karicare aptamill AR ( thickened) formula.
  • Losec worked best but effected my ds’ kidneys (really strong urine) so we used Zantac (which only reduced the pain didn’t get rid of it) however at around 8months I kept forgetting to give him the Zantac and he seemed ok so took him off it and he was fine. The projectile vomiting stopped around then too
  • Both my girls had bad reflux from around 5 weeks old, and we found that Losec helped them both. They also used NAN H.A formula. My best advice would be see your pediatrician and to get a second opinion if you feel your baby is still struggling with reflux, as there is help out there. Also keep mattress elevated and if you decide to offer your baby a dummy, offer it when they are going to sleep as the sucking action can keep the acid down. Most importantly comfort them as much as possible 🙂
  • Losec was brilliant and mylanta when she was screaming in pain. A good baby carrier is definitely worth investing in. I wouldn’t worry about where they sleep as long as you and bubs get some rest.
  • Best solution for my daughter was prescription losec, she was diagnosed at 3 weeks then put on a anti reflux formula , elivated, bed etc with no change, we started the losec when she was 7 weeks old took 2-3 weeks to fully take effect, but was like i had a new baby!!, i tryed taking the losec away at 5 months but she wasnt ready then again at 6 months and started solids and she has been fine ever since!
  • My dd has Silent reflux- i thought she had it from 3wks diagnosed at 6wks used novalac reflux formula kept upright for 15-20mins after feeds inc dreamfeed, they need lots of cuddles and understanding and patience. Tried Zantac caused more tummy problems didnt work now using losec worked almost instantly !. Didnt work fussing over bub drinking her bottle forcing it etc just have to go with the flow with their ups and downs of their feeding and understand. Reflux settled at 4mths then 5mths came back again worse than ever dr suggested more solids to help reduce and also help her put on weight ..
  • Other advice – doctor shop until you find one who really knows their stuff or is willing to research and find out -the one we eventually settled with was in contact with pmh asking tj for help managing it. Most gp’s know very little about reflux. And with losec and Zoton, know that the tablet form is more effective than the suspension. Easiest way I found was to break the table into the amount you need, put it inside an infacol syringe, replace plunger and draw up a little water, dissolve tablet inside the syringe and give to baby that way :$
  • I noticed the diff in Zantac in about 4-5 days but it only lasted about 2 weeks. Moved to nexium and now losec. He is a different boy. No pain and happy 24/7.
  • I didn’t even know what it was with my second because my first never had it, then my daughter came along and she screamed 80% of the time, in the car capsule, bassinette cot, feeding, etc she also use to spew a lot but I noticed she swallowed it back down and we could only get her to sleep on her front in a very elevated swing chair so that’s what she slept in as a baby but would never settle any longer than an hr. at my 3 week check with the nurse she said she needs to see the gp she thought she had reflux but in the mean time try thickening her milk, elevating, should regular feeds no movement after feed and so on but still no change at 7 weeks i was so exhausted with a 13 month old as well and he prescribed tablet losec which i was very unsure about but giving her that was the best thing for her just thought she was the most cryey baby but she was in pain
  • My son was diagnosed last week with reflux he is 5 weeks old. The losec started working after 2 days and he is like a different baby. I actually posted on here last week for advise before going to the doctor so thank you to the mummies who responded xx

Nexium (Esomeprazole)

  • My son was diagnosed at 7 weeks (after 7 weeks of hell) he started with 1ml of mylanta with each feed, then Zantac day and night with mylanta at each feed and it worked wonders till starting solids and now on nexium and we haven’t looked back. He was on Novalac reflux formula, raised cot mattress and pillow. Eryn
  • Daughter was on reflux med – Nexium at 5wks of age! She was a servere case. Instant relief for her as well as me! None of those over the counter stuff worked eg infants friend etc.. Waste of money!

Zoton (lansoprazole)

  • Time to see improvement depends how much damage has been done to the oesophegus. Generally you should see some improvement within a few days, a week max, but if you are really struggling them get back to the doctor sooner. Zantac did nothing for my daughter, losec very little and zoton eventually settled it down, but my daughter was damaged from it so it took longer for the meds to start working properly as her throat healed.

Change in breatfeeding mums diet

  • May baby was diagnosed with severe reflux and was on Losec and Zantec. He wasn’t getting any better so I spoke to a lactation officer and she told me she thinks he has a dairy intolerance so I stopped dairy in my diet as I was breastfeeding and 1 week later he was such a different child. Make sure you go with your gut and continue investigating and make sure you do what you think is best for you and your baby. He is still on his meds hopefully soon we can decease them and see how he goes. He is only 7 weeks old and we spent over 2 weeks in hospital trying to work out what was causing him so much pain, vomiting continuously, chocking and very unsettled. Hope this helps…Gemma
  • Changes in your diet can help relieve reflux in babies – no dairy (I still have one latte a day), no chocolate, no carbonated drinks, not too much acidic foods. If I wanted these items then I had them right before my dd long stretch of sleep at night. Brooke
  • If your bubs is breastfed, dont eat anything acidic or anything with vinegar in it

Keep baby upright

  • Sit more upright when feeding. Keep upright for about 20mins after each bottle to allow wind to come up. Elevate babies bassinette or cot at top end so they don’t lay flat on their backs. Kirralee


  • I changed our reflux baby to karicare anti reflux formula and he tried Zantac but that didn’t work and now he is on losec which has helped. The main change for him was from seeing a chiropractor. She basically cleared the reflux and my baby was a totally different baby! Before he couldn’t sleep by himself, was always in pain crying and now he sleeps in his own and no pain. Cherie
  • Chiro was the only thing thats helped bubs reflux. starting on solids also settled it a bit

Change Formula

  • 3 of my 5 babies have had reflux and I used AR formula as well as 2mls of gripe water in 20mls cooled boiled water and it made such a difference. However i highly recommend Karicare AR formula rather than s26. Not only did the gripe water help with reflux, it also stopped them getting constipated. I was given the advise to use gripe water from an aba nurse. Missy
  • AR or LF formula. Most helpful tip was to burp really well & keep bub upright after feeds for 20mins & elevate the head of their mattress. Erin
  • My dd had silent reflux. AR formula (i found novalac reflux to be the best) and losec (compounded) were amazing ! Keeping upright 15-20mins after feeding. burping well. Sitting them still for 10mins after feeding before they go and play (for older bubs that are mobile) Swings are really good for younger bubs my dd slept in one for the first 4 months only way she would sleep they are a godsent for reflux bubs. Elevate cot we elevated ours using bricks. Chiro can also help with reflux. Nicole
  • My daughter was 2 months when diagnosed with reflux, she was underweight & would never drink, our doctor put her on NAN AR (anti reflux) & she was a totally different baby

Try everything

  • Sit them in a upright position to feed, own a bouncer so bubs can sit up or a bit after a feed, burp regularly, have a million chuck rugs (we use cloth nappies as chuck rugs they are super absorbent and big to hold alot of spew!), scotchgard your couch haha, have a spare set of clothes for bubs, you and hubby in the car because spew happens at the most inconvenient of times, Gaviscon infant, Losec, Anti Reflux formula, feed thickener, try everything and most of all be patient if you need to scream into a pillow….do it.Carla
  • My son went to chiropractor, he was onAR formula and losec once he went on cows milk at age 1 bang no more reflex!! I used to elevate cot n mattress and always have spew rags everywhere after a feed. Thank god its over.
  • Keeping the matress up on a angle can help reflux babies. Little and often feeds then burping and keeping bub upright after feeds. Getting checked for allergies. Coffee for the late nights that you will be up cleaning vomit and holding a bub who is hurting. Brauers stomach calm and colic relief. A great GP and Paed who will listen and work with you. A person qualified to do Bowen treatments. Bub was 11 days when she was diagnosed and she is now 15 months and still has it and still on medication.
  • My son had reflux from the day he was born, he was diagnosed with it at about 3-4 weeks and until he was 5 1/2 months he projectile vomited after most feeds was in and out of hospital 2-3 times a month. Although at 19 months he still gets it now and then and if he laughs too much the acid comes up and he chokes and vomits. Although nothing helped him fully we elevated his mattress, he spent alot of his daytime sleeping in swing or bouncer. Not much other advice coz he had it bad until 5.5 months then it just stopped.

Ride it out

  • My son had reflux, I continued to breastfeed despite people advising me to do otherwise and I’m glad I did. I excluded some foods from my diet and fed upright as well as keeping upright for half hour. His cot was raised at one end and he was on zantac. Still was a rough few months but the best advice I had is, it doesnt last forever and one day you will just realise they are all better. You never forget though lol. I had reflux as a baby, people told my mum I must still be hungry because all I did was scream so she put me on formula and nothing at all changed. Megan 
  • My baby had severe silent reflux since she started formula at 3.5mths. GPs suggested 7 different formulas in 8 weeks. Poor thing would be vomiting then having white poo then no poo AT ALL. She nearly doubled in weight over the 8 weeks. We then saw a Ped who said mylanta, solids asap and reflux formula. The mylanta made her vomit up everything so we changed to infant gaviscon in her bottles. After 10 weeks of mylanta, S26newborn formula and solids the screaming stopped. We had her elevated in her cot, sitting in her high chair or in a harness during the day, she could only spend 5min on her back but loved playing and sleeping on her stomach.. She’s nearly 10mths now is on a ‘natural’ diet and 3x120ml a day. No more reflux we hope. We’ve noticed that the less milk she has the better her health and mood. Tamarra 
  • 2 out of 3 boys had reflux, Chiro was a god send both from a week after they were born and on going, thickened formula but with the Karicare thickener added to s26 as i could make it thicker. Sleeping upright and sitting upright after feeds and solids slightly helped but not really. Both turned out lactose intolerant and dairy intolerant also which helped again being on lacto free formula and milk

Baby Carrier

  • A good baby carrier, which helps to keep them upright and close
2. A good chiropractor. Our chiro/kineaseologist has helped so much with both of our children 🙂

Keep breastfeeding

  • If you are breastfeeding, keep breastfeeding. Keeping bubs upright & burping often as mentioned above. I wore my DD a lot which helped her sleep when the reflux was bad. We also would give her Mylanta after a feed. She was diagnosed at 3 weeks old & the reflux settled once she was on solids (about 6/7 months).
  • It is totally possible to breast feed a reflux baby – I had a lot of doctors try to put my daughter on Neocate after she was diagnosed with cows milk protein intolerance as well, but leaving dairy out of my diet was an effective and better option for us. Of you think your baby has reflux, push and push for a diagnosis and treatment, my girls got really sick, tore her oesophegus and vomittes blood because my gp brushed it off as neurotic mother until she was 5 months and had done real damage. Look into chiro, get bub checked for tongue tie and hang in there, it gets better! I joined risa and found the information and support from other reflux families to be really helpful.


  • Both my boys had silent reflux. It took a while to diagnose my first son because I had no idea and it wasn’t until he started screaming during feeds and I took him to the doctor that we finally found out – looking back the signs were there weeks earlier. He needed to have 1ml of mylanta before every feed until he was sitting up and on full solids (about six months). With my second we caught it much earlier, about three weeks old adjusted – he was unsettled, coming off the breast a lot but also wanting to feed all the time (every two hours at least), he wasn’t sleeping well and he had small random vomits. We tried mylanta, which didn’t work, zantac which upset his tummy and finally was put on losec twice a day (compounded into a flavoured solution), which we had to keep increasing until it finally kicked in. We also gave mylanta as well. He had to be medicated until 22 months adjusted and we are still monitoring him because we may need to put him back on it as he is slightly more unsettled since coming off it, but not as bad as he has been when we previously tried to wean. Once they were both on the right level of medication they were completely different babies – settled, sleeping and feeding better and no more pain. Raising the head of the cot, keeping them upright etc didn’t help one iota. Both my boys were breastfed fully. There was absolutely no need to switch to formula or introduce a thickener. Also, in my opinion and experience if a bub with reflux is treated properly they will not have any more pain. If they are still in pain, their treatment needs to be adjusted. You would never have guessed either of my sons had reflux once their meds were right.


What have you found that helps with reflux in babies? How old was your child when diagnosed and when did it resolve?

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