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Crying every time in the car

child crying in the carMy 2 week and 3 day old son! Every time we go in the car he starts crying gets himself all worked up!

  • My son was the same never liked the car.. so i used to sit in the back with him when i could.. or if i was in the front i would sing.. it didnt always work.. but he finally got used to the car.. then we had to turn his car seat and it all started over again.. Cassandra (facebook)
  • Maybe he doesnt like the car seat……. try sittin him the seat out of the car to get him used to it. Or if it deff is just the car maybe sit with him in the car without him in the seat but with u. Obviously while stationary, but might help him get used to it. Samantha (facebook)
  • We had a similar problem. You can get a mobile for the car, the one I got also goes on a pram, it helps a little to distract them. I also found music helped.
  • Its really hard, good luck.  Tanya (facebook)
  • I’ve not had this issue, but a friend did. Try giving him a special comforter toy for car rides? You could put it up your top to make it smell a bit like you before the journey? Or a mirror so he can see himself? Or a photo of you. Also there are homeopathic or naturopath remedies that can help… Good Luck.  Kelly (facebook)
  • My little girl was the same… nvr really found a solution sorry to say. it’s funny how ppl say take them for a drive when they r unsettled and it will settle them – it was always the opposite for us… once she cried for nearly an hour!!….this was after months and months of pulling over and trying different things, so we tried to do the hard ass approach by not giving in – i still remember it was one of the worst parenting moments for me – i felt so bad about it…so needless to say we went back to pulling over and comforting again and again and again…eventually she grew out of it…sorry its not much help but there is light at the end of the tunnel no matter how long the tunnel may seem. J Lanie (facebook)
  • I found soothing baby music was really good or even nursery rhymes both those cds worked for me, i also used the soothing baby music every time she went to bed so she got used 2 hearing that music n related it to sleep now every time we’re in the car she either sleeps or just sits there n plays with the toys ive got in there. Atoya (facebook)
  • Lambswool in the seat was our saviour.:-))))))) Tracie (faceboook)
  • Patience, my baby didn’t even like going in the car seat, but only lasted about 6 weeks, i only made short trips if by myself and yes music helped and i would talk to her too seemed to help us both. Rosslie (facebook)
  • My son had the same problem and I thought he just didn’t like going in the car. I took him to a chiropractor for a different reason and after the first session he stopped crying when put in the car so in my case my son was obviously uncomfortable.  Kendall (facebook)
  • I had this with my third child. Turned out that he was getting too hot. I put in a wool underlay and her stopped crying almost instantly!! Jessica (facebook)


My boy is three weeks old. We had a 15-20 minute drive home from visiting family yesterday evening and he cried the whole way home as I was driving there wasn’t much I could do and i felt sooo terrible listening to him cry it was breaking my heart and then I ended up crying too! Hubby got angry listening to it and I just got miserable. How do you handle situations like this, is it okay to keep driving and let him cry or do i need to pull over and get him out for a cuddle/settle..?

  • I know exactly how you feel, it’s horrible isn’t it. My DD screams whenever I go somewhere in the car. I make sure she is fed, burped & has a clean nappy. She is still rear facing & I’ve been told some babies just don’t like it & it’ll get better once forward facing & have been recommended to see an osteo or chiro. Booked in for next week so hopefully it helps. I’m looking forward to hearing others responses also.   Carly
  •  I would always stop and see what was going on eg. nappy, hungry too hot, too cold babies that young don’t cry for no reason and your partner should not be getting angry at a 3wk old baby what will he be like when the baby is in the terrible twos???    Teressa
  •  Sometimes you just have to let them cry as frustrating & upsetting as it is.    Nikki
  •  I would keep driving; better to have a quiet feed when you get home rather than all cramped in a car.    Laura
  •  My daughter did this ALL the time and still (12 months) does it on occasion. I get really stressed and upset and cannot concentrate on the drive. I stop and settle her enough to continue driving for a bit. A half hour trip home at night once turned into a 2.5 hour exhausting drive. I pulled into my driveway and balled my eyes out. If you always make sure baby has a full tummy, has burped, has a fresh nappy and is dressed appropriately; not too hot or too cold and then attempt the drive you will know that it isn’t those things. Babies do sometimes cry for one reason but if you miss it and baby gets worked up there usually isn’t a lot that can be done till you’re home. If your hubby gets angry over a baby crying then I strongly suggest he get some help. If he was angry that you were upset while driving listening to a screaming baby than perhaps he could drive if the crying doesn’t bother him? And you hop in the back to reassure baby. At the end of the day if baby is crying simply for crying and there isn’t anything ‘wrong’ with them then continuing to drive is entirely up to you provided you aren’t endangering other traffic when doing so.   Courteney
  •  It’s hard but you can’t do anything about it. I used to just turn up the music and ignore (sounds horrible but you can’t do anything unless you are pulling over every ten seconds to cuddle him and then put him back in)   Symone
  •  Our bub was the same in the car. Sometimes we would sit in the back with her & hold her hand or give her the dummy to settle her. I used to have a few spare dummies in the car to pop in when I was at traffic lights. She finally outgrew her screaming in the car when she was about 4 months old.    Carthy
  •  My daughter used to cry every time she went in the car, I used to pull ova and if another adult was in the car they used to drive and I would sit in the back with bub, she didn’t cry as much once we turned ur seat around but she is 4 now and gets car sick so that may hav had something to do with it.  Sharna
  •  It’s ok to let them cry. Sometimes you just CAN’T stop.   Bianca
  •  15-20 mins isn’t going to hurt him. If he’s not hungry and he’s not too hot or cold or doesn’t have a dirty nappy then sometimes bubs are going to cry. You are still full of pregnancy hormones, be kind to yourself. Your baby is ok.    Jessica
  •  Can you try taking bubs to a Chiro? May be some pain and the seat is uncomfy?    Rose
  •  My little boy screamed from the moment we got in the car till the moment we got out whether we were going 2 minutes to the supermarket or 1 hour to visit family – I just had to leave him to cry otherwise I never would have gotten anywhere. It wouldn’t matter if I sat next to him and my partner did the driving either, he would still scream. Luckily he grew out of it but was probably almost 6 months old before that happened. Hopefully that was a once of for you.    Cassie
  •  I remember that feeling with my first. Sometimes there is nothing you can do, but I did used to pull over if possible and if it got too much. My dd used to hate the capsule, and then once she was older we put her in a rear facing cars eat and it made the world of difference. It just took time for us. Tell hubby it is babies only way of Communicating. It got better for us, just persevere and do what feels right for you!    Carissa
  •  Sing to him, I found it was the only thing that would stop mine from crying in the car. Sometimes you have to keep singing, sometimes they fall asleep. Incy wincy spider worked best for my two.    M’Leigh
  •  If it was me I would have pulled over because at 3 weeks old they don’t cry for no reason. Also it’s not right that your hubby got angry over your newborn crying. But that’s just my opinion.    Vikki
  •  My son cried in the car regardless of what we did until he was four months old. We tried EVERYTHING – including buying a new seat… Nothing worked. He loves the car now.    Xanthe
  •  As hard as it is just keep driving. I find singing to my 6 month old helps settle her.    Sharni

Did your baby cry in the car? What helped to make the trip easier?

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