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baby crying in bathHi my son used to love his bath, in fact would scream at bath time until you put him in. But now the complete opposite for the past week as soon as you put him in he screams uncontrollably until you take him out, any suggestions to stop my baby crying in the bath?

  •  Get in the bath with him and read stories or play silly games … Did something happen in the bath that upset him? My ds did a poo in the bath and it completely freaked him out lol.  Xanthe
  •  My son went through this.. We tried everything, bubbles, mummy in the bath, daddy on the bath, a touch of food colour for a coloured bath… He just snapped out of it one day and went back to loving the bath… Perhaps a phase?   Kendall
  •  Can you pin point it to an event? My baby had a poo explosion in the bath and it scared her so she screamed even going near the water, I got her used to it again by slow reintroduction, so started with couple of days of me in the shower and her outside couple of minutes brought her in and showed her the ground was ok, couple days later brought her in and stood on shower floor, couple days later shower in her bath (again showing her nothing on the ground) then slowly put in the plug and so on. Slow process, took about 3 weeks but she was fine again. Good luck!!!    Melanie
  •  My dd was the same until we introduced bath toys, now she loves it!    Kerry
  •  When my daughter was a baby she would cry in the bath too. What worked for us was those little coloured tablets for the bath you buy at Woolworths. She loved using different tablets to make different coloured baths. That was about 5 years ago now. Hopefully WW still sell them.    Tara
  •  You could try wrapping him in a towel and putting him into the bath in that so he feels secure and gradually let him float out of it. Otherwise I love to get in the bath with my DS.   Jessica
  •  Our baby hated a bath screamed the house down. We have been showering with the baby and now it loves baths and makes it better with swimming and going under the water.    Teagan
  •  We often let out 3yr old pick what colour bath she’d like, using a couple of drops of food dye. Apparently the odd glow stick with dim lights could be fun, but haven’t tried that yet. She’s got quite a few toys in there too!    Shae
  •  My daughter just went through this I got into the bath with her (in singlet and shorts) and splashed around with her and made it exciting and she’s been fine since with me sitting next to her out of the bath (but still playing with her)    Lani

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