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Keeping your baby on their back in bed

Q&A: Any tips on how you managed to keep your child on their back for sleep time once they started to roll.

No-Cry Sleep Ideas for Toddlers

Q&A: Hi everyone, I need some ideas to help my 2 1/2 year old daughter sleep longer at night. She wakes 4-5 times a night. I would like ‘gentle’ tips that don’t involve leaving her to cry.

controlled crying

Controlled Crying

There often seems to be a lot of confusion about what ‘controlled crying’ is (as opposed to ‘crying it out’ and ‘attachment settling’). Here we explain what it actually is, and other parents share their experience of using it.

Cat napping

Q&A: Is catnapping normal? Do you resettle or get them up? How do you get them to sleep longer?

toddler calling out and getting out of bed

Calling out and getting out of bed

Tips from other parents to encourage toddlers to stay in bed and go to sleep at bedtime (no more calling out!)

My Son Won’t go to Sleep on His Own

Q&A: My 2yo has got in the habit of not going off to sleep (at night only) unless myself or my partner are in his room, once hes asleep he’ll sleep all night but he just wont go off on his own. I don’t want to do controlled crying or anything similar…any ideas would be appreciated.

frequent waking in babies

Frequent Waking in Babies

Q&A: My three month old will only sleep for short bursts during the day, usually about 40 minutes. What can I do to encourage him to sleep longer?

I’m after some advice on sleeping. My 4 month old has previously been a really good sleeper at night until 3 nights ago. He only used to wake two or three times. Tonight he is waking every 2 hours. Dont know why. Anyone else had this?

bore your baby to sleep

Colic? Bore your baby to sleep!

Expert tips: Does colic actually exist? Dr Howard Chilton shares his expert opinion, and it might surprise you!


Colic. Will Infants Friend or Infacol work

Q&A: Any tips for colic? just found out my 8 week old daughter has it… Shes been really unsettled all today and only wants to be craddles By me, laying her down on her back seems to unsettle her… Tried panadol worked a little.. But not much. does infacol help soooooo tired!

General Tips for Baby Sleep

General Tips for Baby Sleep

Q&A: General tips from other parents to help get your baby to sleep

Q&A with Dr Howard Chilton

Paediatrician Tips: Q&A with Dr Howard Chilton

Recently, we invited members of our Facebook page to submit questions for Dr Chilton to answer during a timed Q&A sessions. Questions ranged from sleeping issues to cysts on gums. Read on to see Dr Chilton’s response to each of the questions.

from swaddling to sleeping bag

From Swaddling to Sleeping Bag – Making the Move

If you’re wondering how long to swaddle your baby for, the answer will be different for different babies. It is usually recommended to stop swaddling baby when they start to roll over on their own and are needing their hands/arms to roll themselves back over. Here are some tips to make the move easily.