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Calling out and getting out of bed

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toddler calling out and getting out of bed

  • The kids always sleep in their own bed unless having a sleep over. We always put them back in their own bed if the do get up and we sit with them in their room if they are upset. For calling out they are told to be quiet as it is time for sleeping.  Erin
  • I have put a little chair next to my 22month olds bed so if he does wake and is yelling out i can go in and sit next to him in the dark and just give a few gentle pats and he will be back to sleep in a few mins. If he gets up i always take him back and sit next to him for a while, but luckily its uncommon for him to wake. Brooke
  • Cutting out my 2.4 year olds son naps really worked for us as much as I hated the idea. He still needed it at the start and was very cranky but got used to it fairly quickly. This improved his night sleep immensely as EVERY bedtime evening was a major battle since he turned 2, if he napped at all during the day he’d be up till 10 or 11pm and it was impossible to get him to sleep before then (i also had a then 4month old who still wakes for feeds so this was not an option) we tried all the techniques with him. Now he has gone back to being an awesome sleeper, out like a light at 6.30-7pm and sleeps through until 7-7.30am! Anna
  • My son is a terrible sleeper and tough love gets me nowhere 🙁 3 months shy of turning 3 years old and he has slept through the night twice. Toyah
  • Be in the room with them until they are asleep, even if you are sitting there reading a novel, just having u there for a lot of children makes bedtime a lot more peaceful. If during the night they wake, which they do..have a mattress on the floor that they can come and sleep on during the night whenever they want. If their needs r met when they are young, then they are met. If they aren’t met, they will continue to come back until they are met. Kylie
  • Had to cut out our sons day sleep so he sleeps through. My kids doors are always closed so they can’t sneak out. Kristy
  • We’ve always offered water instead of milk after one yr. They eventually work out there’s nothing to wake up for. Peta
  • My daughter was shocking for it!!! Most nights would end up in my bed !!! Thanks to my partner and he’s great support , he would get up to help me and get up himself or we would get up together. After a while it just got to be a game, so we got her a light projector and music thing and we play that when she goes to sleep. She knows how to work it if she wakes in the night . We also made a sticker chart for sleeping every night she sleeps through or if she wakes stays in she gets a sticker ! It seems to be a bug motivation for her as she loves stickers if she gets a certain amount she gets a treat!! Also realised the cat was going in her room cuz it was warm and trying to cuddle up!! Tabetha
  • My boys are almost 11 and 6 and I’m still to figure it out! It seems once the lights are out they just HAVE to tell me some ‘very important’ news, or they need a drink, or a hot water bottle, or to use the loo, or need to blow their nose, or that now is the perfect moment for asking me the meaning of life. I guess a better bedtime routine would work for us, it just seems hard when we all have so much to do now they’re older. Jessica
  • I read the book Toddler Taming when my first child started sleeping in a bed vs cot. I found the timing method discussed in the book successful in my case 🙂 Jacqualine
  • Responding quickly and co sleeping 🙂 Pedra
  • After 18months of no sleep we went to the Queen Elizabeth Centre, they taught us about responsive settling, once u no there’s nothing wrong with bubs (not wet, not hungry, has dummy) I stop entering the room and talk to my ds from door way, this way I’m in control, her little sad face doesn’t suck me in and she can’t wrap her arms around me.. We did this for 3 nights and now only need to get up once every 2nd night! Good luck! I think it’s about trail & error n finding what works for ur situation 🙂 Sarah

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