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Baby Suffers Chemical Burns From Reaction to Sunscreen

After her daughter experienced second degree chemical burns to her face, mum Rebecca Cannon has urged parents to be more cautious. Rebecca Cannon (in Canada) had purchased Banana Boat Kids …

runaway stroller

Baby Dies After Runaway Stroller Rolls onto Road in Freak Accident

A community is devastated after a five-month old baby has died in a freak runaway stroller accident.  Baby’s runaway stroller was hit by a van when it rolled away after it’s mother …

Jotus Spider Australia

Good News Aussies: Add a New Jumping Spider to the list for 2020

2020 right?! It’s been a wild ride. Let’s not even mention the C-word. Then there was homeschooling. And the bushfires. #arewethereyet? Well, apparently not. There’s another crazy thing to add …

Vigorous force used on baby during Greek Orthodox Baptism

Video has emerged last week of a bishop in a Greek Orthodox Church in Cyprus vigorously dunking a baby into water as part of a Baptism ritual. The bishop dips …

Trending: Banish the Bully

A campaign to stop online bullying is uniting bloggers. Support them with the #banishthebully

Trending: Medicare funded ‘Mummy Makeovers’

Hot Topic: Should the government fund mummy makeovers? Come and tell us what you think