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We’re excited to get on board with an inspiring new initiative from a woman called Alli. She’s not just a working mum, she’s a gal who’s simply had enough of the meanness, pettiness and cruelty that she is seeing online everyday and she’s done something about it.

Alli created this powerful video supported by the hashtag #banishthebully¬†and the world is now taking notice. In just hours of launch over 10,000 people were tweeting, watching and engaging in this new message that being a troll online just won’t cut it!

So Alli is no longer a one-woman army, she is now a global movement that many business’, online communities, Facebook groups and individuals are proudly supporting; standing together to say that bullying will no longer be tolerated.

At Baby Hints & Tips we have always believed in kindness, understanding and respect for one another’s opinions. Being a mother is hard enough without all the other stuff that can go with it. So, just like Alli urges – stand together with us and say that the culture of the acceptable bully is ended. We’re inspired by Ali and we think you will be too.

If you see something online that you don’t like, or you believe in this message reach for the #banishthebully hashtag and know that it only takes one person to create change. Be part of that change today. Please do not bully the bully. Here on our facebook page we ask you to contact us if you see any bullying behaviour.



Share your online bullying story in the comments below. And show others they are not alone.

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