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Did you Tandem Feed or Bottle Feed your twins?

tandem feed or bottle feed your twinsDid you tandem feed your Twins? Or bottle feed? What worked for you?

  • Fed one at a time when breastfeed then with bottles tandem fed in rockers Paula
  • Bottle fed both from birth. Hubby helped ALOT. Fed one after the other if by myself. Hayley
  • I breast fed both then when one preferred bottle I expressed and he had ebm while the other had breast once I stopped bf at 6 months they both had ebm topped with formula till my ebm ran out Jaye
  • Tandem fed still are b/g twins almost 8 months never had any real issues Kristy
  • tandem fed my b/g twins til 8 months Jo
  • I tandem fed for the first 2-3 weeks, then I mainly fed twin 1 and gave twin 2 EBM, they were then topped up with formula as I did not produce enough milk. I stopped doing this at 10 weeks, from then on they were formula fed. Louise
  • I bottle fed my twins i breast fed my other daughter and she was very very demanding and I found it easier to bottle feed them x Catherine
  • Tandem fed for roughly 6 months as they grew they became heavy and awkward so continued one at a Time. had to top up at every feed with EBM or formula not sure why they would never take a full feed I’m putting it down to being 9 weeks preemie?? I had fantastic supply and expressed after every feed as well. Kept this up for 12 months it was really hard but worth it. I struggled to make the decision to go to formula but once it was made wow a huge weight was lifted! I didn’t realise how much pressure I had put on myself to BF! I wish I had made the move sooner. Kieran
  • I tandem fed for 3 mths before I had to stop bf for medical reasons. Haylee
  • I am tandem feeding my 8 day old twin boys, I top them up after every Breastfeed with Formula Kat
  • Tandem fed, but one had a tortacolis & wasn’t thriving. So expressed for her & fed her sister. Then expressed for both (easier). Then formula at 7mths – had to give back electric pump & other 2 children’s activity load increased. Elizabeth
  • I couldn’t feed any of my girls (singleton and twins), my now 8 month old girls have been formula fed from the start and have thrived Jodi
  • I tandem fed for three months before they started refusing the breast! My milk never established very well in the beginning as they were tube fed for the first five weeks. I preferred tandem feeding as the feeding process was quite long so it meant I wasn’t spending my whole day feeding one or the other. It also meant I got more sleep at night. Nyomi
  • Tried tandem feeding, the boys didn’t take to it. I only breastfed for 6 weeks, and then had to bottle feed. Katie

Parents share your choice whether you tandem feed or bottle feed your twins

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