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teeth early - teething signs in babyI have a 7 week old who is showing teething signs, but I know this is so young to teeth. He has a red cheek and is dribbling (he is not normally a dribble baby) and will scream and wake himself in pain. I have felt his gums and can’t really feel any teeth but where his front two will be I can see white as if they are close. Just wondering if any one else has had an early teether?

  • I thought my first was an early, she cut her first tooth at 12 week, but her brother did one better and was born with a 1 tooth. Angela


  • my daughter started at 10 weeks and we could see the teeth just under the surface from birth Brooke


  • Babies can be born with teeth!! It may be something else but don’t rule out teething, it is possible. My bubs 2 middle bottom teeth appeared below the gum (ccould see the white and feel a lump) at 12 weeks but went back down and didn’t actually comecome until 8 mmonths old Emma


  • My daughter cut her first 2 teeth at 15 weeks old Melissa


  • Yep. My son started teething at 4 weeks. It was horrible as you can’t give them anything really until they are 4 months. Sherilee


  • My son was like that from about 8 weeks…He’s 8 months now and still no teeth Beth


  • It’s pretty common. They can have signs of teething long before they cut any teeth as the teeth can travel up and down in the gums and that’s where the pain comes from. Bianca


  • My 2nd son just cut his first tooth at 11 weeks old, yet my first son didnt get a tooth until 7 months Hollie


  • It is common Tracey


  • My baby seemed to be teething virtually from birth, she dribbled so much we had to keep plastic backed bibs on her. She got her teeth in groups of and had 12 teeth before she was a year old. If they seem like they’re teething they probably are and I’m a true believer in pain remedies, I kept her dosed up from when the pain was really bothering her until they were through and then after if required because sometimes the cutting is the easier bit and it’s the bit where they really start coming through that’s the painful time. Alex


  • My hubby was born with teeth so anything is possible Natasha


  • My son had this at about the same age. They looked they were coming and went again. And again. He didn’t get his first tooth until 5 months. Hayley


  • My sisters son who is 8 weeks old today is also showing the exact same symptoms. Those first teeth can take months to break through so it is possible he is starting now…. Jillian


  • My daughter was a dribbler from birth and it became worse when teething hit at about 2months. At 5.5 months she had 2 front teeth. Almost ten nonths now and no other teeth, yet. Sarah


  • I had a teacher tell me once that one of her children was born teething. Katie


  • I had a similar thing with lo it can be a calcium build up according to the MHN. Her teeth didn’t come through until she was 6 mo. However, babies have been born with teeth so I would not rule it out. If you’re concerned speak to your MHN or GP. Pru


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