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cutting multiple teeth at once

Dentist Advice on Cutting Multiple Teeth at Once + Our Community Tips

Our 20 week old has cut 4 teeth and his gums are swollen in a few more places with even more. Has anyone else had so many come through at the same time?

Baby teething remedies - what does your GP say?

Baby teething remedies – what does your GP say?

Does teething have you baffled? Our GP offers some helpful advice.

difficulty breastfeeding

Difficulties breastfeeding during illness and teething

Has anyone experienced difficulties breastfeeding during illness and teething? I have recently been sick and struggled to feed my son.

teeth early

Teething Early

Just wondering if any one else has had an early teether?

Teething can be horrible for Babies AND Parents!

Q&A: Teething can be a horrible time for both babies and parents, what are some ways you have helped your bub through this?

Getting sleep while raising children. Baby Teething Signs.

Baby Teething Signs – What Are They and When Does It Start?

Q&A: When did your baby get their first tooth? How long were they ‘teething’ before the tooth came through? What symptoms did they have? What helped relieve their symptoms?

Amber Teething Necklace Tips

Q&A: I’m very interested to hear about experiences with the Baltic Amber Necklaces. I’d like to hear any information about if it did/didn’t work for you, and if it did help, how so?

Project Baby: We’ve been busy!

Owen has been keeping Emma on her toes, battling through teething, newfound mobility, and a fall.

Teeth brushing in kids

Brushing your teeth is important to remove bacteria and plaque to prevent both tooth decay and gum disease.   Tooth brushing from an early age is an important part of developing …

Teeth grinding

Q&A: Did your child grind their teeth? What helped?

Q&A with Dr Howard Chilton

Paediatrician Tips: Q&A with Dr Howard Chilton

Recently, we invited members of our Facebook page to submit questions for Dr Chilton to answer during a timed Q&A sessions. Questions ranged from sleeping issues to cysts on gums. Read on to see Dr Chilton’s response to each of the questions.