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The best (and worst) Kmart hacks for mums

We all love a good life hack, and some of these are pure gold! Which is your favourite Kmart hack for mums?

The best

Kmart hacks for mums

Kmart Mini Marquee lights hack

How awesome is this hack from Sheree Applegarth who used the mini marquee lights as gift tags on the Santa sacks for Christmas? Too clever!

Kmart hacks for mums

Kmart cubby hack

Last year we did a whole story on the awesome Kmart cubby house hacks, well Luisa Mandarano-Turco shared this new version and we just love it!

Kmart hacks for mums

Kmart wooden kitchen and storage unit hack

Jodie Benjamin has put a fresh minty spin on the Kmart Kitchen which we couldn’t love more! And the market stall is actually the Kmart storage unit transformed to match. Too cute!

Kmart hacks for mums

Luca lamp hack

How awesome is the newly designed T-Rex lamp shared by Jessica Attard? She said after failing to find a dinosaur themed lamp, they bought the Luca lamp for $5 from Kmart and hand drew a dinosaur on. Imagine all the different artistic variations you could do with this hack!

Kmart hacks for mums

Kmart art hack

This clever hack was made with plywood and Kmart chalk paint, nesting shelves, satin paint and Kmart kitchen appliance toys. Joelle Skinner shared this clever artwork and said it was the perfect way to make the play room fun while they’re renting and unable to put artworks on the walls. Genius!

The worst

Kmart hacks for mums

Twine basket light fitting hack

Uh oh… the metal baskets/bowls as light fittings is probably safer than this potentially flammable version with twine wound through it. Yikes!

Kmart hacks for mums

Sideways clock hack

If you really want to test the kids time telling skills with a Roman numeral clock, turn it sideways and see who can still tell the time. Also who needs hooks when you can hang it from the air conditioning controls. Double hack. Too funny!

Kmart hacks for mums

Kmart contact hack

Whilst we have seen some really cool hacks with contact, this one just misses the mark. This gem was advertised on a buy swap sell for $298 as an all in one dining suite and coffee table. Bargain!

This Kmart Cubby House is the talk of the town


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