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Third degree perineal tear

Third degree perineal tearI am really in need of some ladies positive stories about how they healed and recovered after third degree perineal tear?

  • I had a 3rd degree tear plus I had an episiotomy, bubs was posterior, she got stuck, failed vacuum and was delivered via forceps. The delivery OB stitched me up in which they then busted open and developed a haematoma. He said it’s the worst hes ever seen. I am currently 3 weeks past delivery and I am now able to walk around (like I’ve got a carrot up my ass but better than nothing). Sitting was difficult at the start but starting to be ok now. Make sure you keep yourself regular by drinking metamucil. Keep washing the wound regularly (3 times a day) and air out as much as possible. The point of my novel is, I had the very worst tear, cut and birth and I’m getting better at 3 weeks. So you will too! Wish you a speedy recovery. Tamsyn
  • I had a third degree tear and a lot of stitches, a lot! I not only tore my perineum but I also tore up ways as well which I didn’t know was possible haha! It was painful for a good couple of weeks couldn’t sit comfortably for a long time and needed ice packs for the first week or so.. Sex was very uncomfortable for at least 4-5 months. Good luck! Skye
  • Aloe gel and witch Hazel on a pad and frozen will save your life. Stacey
  • Had a very quick birth with my first and suffered 3d tear. Internal and external stitches. It took 6 weeks for the stitches not to hurt and walk/sit without hurting and a good 12months for everything to go back to normal but it does eventually. It was extremely frustrating but don’t give up hope, everything will go back to normal eventually Sam
  • My baby came out too quickly. It only took me 7 minutes to push him out and the midwife tried to tell me to stop pushing and tried to stop him crowning but he was coming out FAST. I ended up with a 3rd degree tear right through to my anus. I didn’t really find it much harder to heal than my previous birth (no tear) I was just a little more tender so kept a soft cushion under my self while sitting down for a few weeks. Ashleigh
  • I had a 3B tear and was apparently stitched up poorly as I wasn’t able to get into theatre due to unforeseen circumstances… I had a few problems and went to Drs and specialists and just felt like nobody gave a crap until I went to see the women’s health nurse at my local community centre (6 mths later!). If you have access to this service in your area, I couldn’t recommend it enough, even if you aren’t having any problems with it, just for peace of mind. They just seem to be so much more caring and give you all the time in the world, unlike drs when you feel like you are on the clock and being shoved out the door. I also went to a specialist pelvic floor physio just recently (16mths after birth) and she was brilliant as well Michelle
  • Third degree with first, I was up walking once discharged from hospital 4 days after bub. Just felt a little tender down below. 2 x bath with Epsom salt morning & night for a week & soft food alot of fiber. I was so determine to get up & about. I did heal quite fast. Lavinia
  • I tore inside and out. Was up and tried walking but felt heavy down below so had to it down. Took 6 weeks to dissolve.kept cleaning it well after toilet breaks Tiana
  • I had an episiotomy and a 3rd degree test and was healed within the 6weeks after! I had a fantastic doctor who really took her time sewing me up! Clare
  • I had a 4th degree tear – yep. Who knew you could get worse than 3rd?? I filled condoms with water and froze them then put in my undies. Salt water baths every day, soluble fibre like Metamucil to keep stools soft and regular (plenty of water too). And the best thing of all, when you are not quite so sore, get a referral to a pelvic floor physio. Good luck. It gets better. Simone
  • I read soaking liners with tea and freezing them works really well as an ‘ice pack’ and the tea has healing agents also. However, was also told that after a few days, ice packs generally cause more discomfort as their only real purpose is to help with swelling, which should have settled down? Have 3 or more showers a day and bath in salt water It’s not nice Also, the midwives told me not to accept the pain, take panadol or nurofen if you can. Chantal
  • I had a 3rd degree tear which required me to go off for surgery (couldnt be fixed in the delivery suite). Showering at least twice a day helped keep it clean. We dont have a bath at home so i poured salt water in a tupperwear container over the area a couple times a day as well. Drying the area with toilet paper was messy, so used paper towel. Pooping can hurt, so drink plenty of water and like the others said use Metamucil if you need. Didnt have sex until after the 6 week check up (no issues). 6 months after, all the scar tissue has healed. Samantha
  • I had a fourth degree tear and healed really really well. I have no issues 3yrs later. I’ve never had any problems with continence or anything like that. I did however opt to have a c-section with number 2 and 3 as my ob strongly recommended. If I had another tear like the first they were worried I wouldn’t heal as well. Honestly though I don’t even remember how bad it was now. Emma
  • I had a 3rd degree tear and an episiotomy and then also ended up with a blood clot in my calf due to my labour and the surgery. I took Voltarin and panadol for the first week and used frozen condoms in my pads or I sat on peas as I actually found most of my pain was towards the back, which helped. Salt baths daily and took advantage of the hospital provided physio I had appointments at 6, 8 and 12 weeks and I was back training and playing basketball when my Lo was 4months. Lauren
  • I had a bad 2nd degree with my 1st. Went on to give birth 14 mths later to a 9 pounder and did not tear! I was so happy. It took a long time to feel normal down there however. It was tender for a long time. I had my 3rd baby who was posterior 4 years later and again no tearing. Just one tiny graze I had a water bottle with salt in it to squirt every shower and every toilet trip. Amie
  • I had a 3degree tear when having my daughter. It took about 4 months to feel normal again but now she is 21 months old and i would ho through it all again. It is hard while hoing through it but just remember it does get better Sarah
  • I had a second degree tear & three sets of stitches when i gave birth. I just took it easy rested when i could and cleaned at least 3 times a day with salt water. Tameeka
  • Ice pack, I had oodles of stitches with second degree tear…And rest. Avoid driving anywhere if you can. My Partner was in and out of hospital and I had to keep driving back and forth to hospital. Made it hurt so much and it probably took longer to heal.. Mikayla
  • The most important thing is to keep the area clean and try not to strain at all. I took some Coloxyl tablets (over the counter stool softeners) and no heavy lifting to keep it ‘strain-free’ down there. Takes a while but it will heal. Linda
  • Ice packs. Salt baths. Panadol osteo. Make sure you see a women’s health physio in regards to your pelvic floor. Look at it with a mirror so you know what it looks like and how it’s healing (it can be quite scary at first). Make sure you talk to someone about your birth. I’m still traumatised by mine but working on it Samantha
  • I had a third degree tear with my son, what helped the most was warm salt baths to heal it & ice packs . Lauren
  • I used ural and zinc bapoy rash cream as a barrier to make peeing easier. Good luck Hayley
  • i had a 4th degree tear which required stitches(lots! ) I just rested heaps my best tip is take ural so it takes the sting out of your wee Kim
  • Had a 3b injury baby is now nine months and things are pretty much back to normal much better than I ever expected! Tips- Metamucil and coloxyl (without senna) daily for at least the first 3 months. High fibre diet after this. Stool for in the bathroom to get legs up. Check stitches daily and fills pump style water bottle with salted boiled water to rinse. Try and wrap your hand in toilet paper and support the area when going. Freeze some small ice packs for inflammation. Start pelvic floor exercises straight away. The hospital should refer you to either a women’s continence nurse or physio. If this has not happened speak to your GP. There is a massive difference between a second and third/fourth degree tear and you need to speak to someone about long term recovery and making good habits that will protect your pelvic floor for the future. My hospital also offers a 12 month ultrasound to follow up healing and help you make a decision on your next birth e.g c section as an option. I am a public patient. It’s not all doom and gloom things will get much much better! Feel free to message me. Libby
  • Lavender oil in your bath and a good soak to help with healing. Here in UK midwife had to tell me this off the record, but says it’s the one thing that really helps. Lianne
  • Benefibre lots of water. Don’t wipe pat dry. Go to the toilet or make way there before you need to so you don’t pee yourself. Doughnut to sit on. Pillow between knees when laying on side. Start pelvic floors straight up don’t be lazy or it will take longer to get on track. Took me a year to get better and sex better then too. Be patient. Danena
  • I used detol for my tear I used that just before getting out if the shower. It helped me to heal quicker cos I wasn’t healing as quick as I was told I should of so I started with the detol an i healed and my stitches came out when I was nine week post birth cos I started using it at seven weeks post birth. I also drank more water than I usually do and tht helped as well. Another tip which the midwives told me was out a little bit of water in newborn nappies and freeze them the once frozen you put them in your underwear like a pad and it feels so much better lol. I did it and it helped with swelling and irritation. Best idea I have ver heard of. Jenna
  • ice packs and always sit on something soft to take the pressure of…try not to Katrina
  • Our local hospital recommend condoms filled with water then frozen…you kinda just put it on a pad inside your knickers…to help with any pain…I found baby wipes instead of toliet paper were amazing…pat don’t wipe…good luck…it gets better… Kimberly
  • I was told at the hospital to fill some condoms with water & freeze then put inside a pad & wear it to help with pain & swelling. Sounds strange but it was very helpful Dannielle
  • I just got told to use warm water and have at least to showers a day and i only took 6weeks to heal and my stichers were all pretty much gone by then and i was on antibiotics for 2 weeks. And use wet wipes not toilet paper just so its easier and less painful!! Chantelle
  • I had a third degree cut with my first. I use the ice things the hospital gave me ALOT for the 3 days I was in hospital. And then once at home I would just shower a few times a day. Doing number 2 scared me but my obstetrician told me to get a wad of toilet paper and push it against the stitches while you push-that worked a treat (did this when I did number 2 for about 6 weeks-paranoid) I never had a problem with them healing but the stitches didn’t dissolve for about 2 or 3 weeks and was still uncomfortable to sit certain ways until about 5/6 weeks. But it all healed nicely Emerald

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