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Tips for Looking after Newborn Twins plus Toddler

toddler with newborn twinsIm just after anyones ‘thank god I was told this!’ tips for looking after newborn twins plus toddler who will be almost 2 when they’re born.

  • There are the podee bottles on ebay- they look awesome, if i have another bub I will definitely be getting some of these! Tamika
  • I had triplets and the best things that helped me survive was definitely strict routine (I stuck like glue to 10 / 2 / 6 routine they were put in during hospital stay), I woke them all for feeds at same time, we used Podee bottles (I think that’s spelling – they are on eBay – hands free feeding for u – we put all 3 in bouncers with bottle between their legs and teat up under bib into mouth….best invention EVER!), some formula companies (if or when u use) will deliver to ur door, bulk boxes of nappies and online grocery orders were a lifesaver! Debbie
  • I had a 3year old when my twins were born 5 and half years ago and I wasn’t given this tip but suggest it to others who are having twins Buy a cover for your pram so you can cover your babies when your out. If they are uncovered every man and his dog will stop you and it will take you 3 times as long to anything. When they are covered no one will stop you and you will be able to shop in peace and get your chores done a lot quicker. Lol Leah
  • Definitely keep them on the same routine – feed them at the same time, put them to bed at the same time, play at the same time. I didn’t worry too much about the time on the clock, but rather keeping them in sync with each other!! It pays off as they get older too And ignore all the comments you will get when you take all 3 kids out!! I had 4 children under four when our twins arrived. We didn’t have a lot of hands on support. The biggest thing would be, it doesn’t matter what it is, if it works do it! Vanessa
  • I had an 11mth old when my twins were born. My best tip I was given is don’t sweat the small stuff, if the twins don’t get bathed 1 day its not the end of the world, that extra time of sleep is more important. The other: I don’t even remember the first 12mths as it goes so fast so don’t worry you’ll get through these early days. Pam
  • I’m expecting twins and I’ve read Save our Sleep by Tizzie Hall and I’m currently reading Gina Fords Contented Baby for Twins. If you’ve got a 2 year old, you’ve got experience mummy- trust your instincts. My only guess would be to have special things for your 2 year old to do while you’re feeding etc. maybe some new DVDs you can pull out. A friend made a cool ‘cubby house’ which was like a converted table cloth that she put over the dining room table. Really occupied her daughter while she was with her newborns. Good luck. You’ll be fab. Jane
  • I was in the exact same position almost 9 years ago now. The best advice I can give is from day one get the twins into the same feeding and sleeping routine as each other. This way they are sleeping at the same time which gives you some one on one time with your 2yr old. Plus helps make life a little easier. You will most definitely have days where you feel like you are being pulled in all different directions but it gets easier as the weeks go by. Don’t be ashamed to ask for or accept help. No one will thing any less of you nor will it make you any less of a wonderful Mum. But most of all just take one day at a time and enjoy all 3 of your beautiful babies! Emma
  • I had 15mths between my twins and the next oldest ( had 6 under 6 at the time ) my best tip is if 1 wakes up to feed do both get them on roughly the same feeding shedule, its really easy to feed both at same time and have something to keep the toddler happy eg puzzles colouring book Karen
  • Disposable plates, cups, cutlery, etc for the first few weeks is the best thing I found.. I had 4 under 5 when my twins were born and I don’t think I could have managed without doing that. Getting into the routine of housework again became easier when the twins were settled with their feeding routines. Krystal
  • Try looking up this group: Support, Questions and Chat for Feeding Multiples! And other fun questions. I have found it to be great for info and advice. Also your local AMBA group. Bernadette
  • If one wakes up, wake the other and feed them at the same time. Have snacks ready for your toddler so they can help themselves while you are busy feeding. Having a routine as they get older is really helpful for you and for them. There is 13 months between my twins and their older brother and those 3 have been on nearly the same routine since the girls turned 1. Also I moved my change table and had spare clothes, nappies, cloths etc easily accessible in the hallway just outside my lounge room. That way I could supervise my 2 older boys (4 & 1) while I was changing one of the girls. I also had a playpen so that I could sit them in a bouncer or lay them on the floor without worrying about my 13 month old being too rough while I was busy changing the other. Faith
  • My twins were born when my first born was a month of being 2, my tip would be to do the bare minimum and put any feelings of guilt aside. First year is the hardest. My twins are now 2 and 4yr old starts school next year it’s easier than ever now! Raven
  • I have 11 week old boy twins and a 3 yr old girl. Definetly feeding together…didn’t think I would be able to keep up but almost 3 months and I have. My daughter attends day care one day…which is good break for her and catch up on house work. Also feeling baskets in main room with nappies etc and changes of clothes has helped ( found with the boys they can sometimes leak threw the night and being organized saved a lot of stress. Angela
  • Don’t have twins but I would say thank god I stocked up on nappies and thank god my toddler was toilet trained Katherine

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