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Tips for keeping sleeping baby cool on hot days

What does your baby sleep in on hot days? How do you keep them cool?

Nothing is more distressing than an overtired baby who will not fall asleep.  We asked our community how they help their baby fall asleep on a hot day.

baby sleeping on hot day

  •  I think my air con will go on tomorrow for the first time since last summer! He will just sleep in his normal clothes for the day and a grobag.   Narelle
  •  Whatever they’re wearing that day, thin sleeping bag, airconditioning.   Tiffany
  •  Air con.  Tenille
  •  Move to Melbourne where we will break into the low 20’s once this week according to the forecast! Seriously, nappy, singlet, if baby is wrapped then use Muslin or summer weight sleeping bags, fans, aircon, whatever you have. Plenty of feeds cooled boiled water for formula fed babies also or expect extra bf. Stay inside or in the shade.   Jo
  •  This is my first summer with out air cons so I have put light sheets on his bed and just another sheet and taken blankets away during the day he just hangs out in a nappy.   Hannah
  •  Oh no. I don’t know what I’m going to do for my 5wk old who has to be double wrapped in Muslins or he breaks out then startles constantly for day naps and night time. I’ve ordered a love to dream swaddled but its still not arrived.   Laura
  •  Singlet and nappy and swaddled or a light onesie. Body temp goes down when asleep, don’t want bub to get cold.   Sam
  •  Singlet, nappy and 0.5 tog grobag. Will use a fan if she needs it.    Billie
  •  It’s 25.4 degrees in my room at the moment according to my gro egg and my ds is asleep beside me in a nappy and singlet with a sheet over his bum and a fan on low across the room. No air con here as in a rental.    Rachael
  •  We’re out in the middle of qld so we get a lot of scorchers.. My son sleeps in a nappy… And I dab him with a cool damp wash cloth..   Hayley
  •  I used to do just nappy and singlet with the Dan on and window open or I’d roll the cot into my bedroom with air con and put a t shirt on with a sheet.   Leanne
  •  Expecting 39 here in Kalgoorlie on Friday and its not yet summer. My 1.5yo will be in nappy and shirt with aircon. Not looking forward to cooling my newborn that is due in the peak of this Summer.    Rachel
  •  Singlet onesie & nappy with a muslin wrap.   Emily
  •  A nappy lol with a blanket with the aircon.. He always seems happy.   Meekz
  •  Just nappy and aircon.   Nicole
  •  If you are still wrapping, leave the baby in just a nappy, use a fan to blow over the baby or air con if available. It’s easier to add extra layers of muslin wraps as a top layer than wake and take clothes off. If breastfeeding, feed whenever the baby is not settled. Drink fluids yourself. Good Luck.    Lynne
  •  Singlet and nappy during the day.   Kate
  •  My daughter sleeps in a 0.5 tog or 1.5 tog depending on if we have the air conditioner and a onesie. I got my organic muslin and cotton Purebaby sleeping bags from www.frombabytokids.com.au.   Sara
  •  Laura Pearson have you thought of a ergo cocoon you can get a 0.5 and they can’t break out as they are zipped in or something similar.  Annette
  •  Nappy and 0.5 sleep bag.   Annette
  •  I’ve had Cassius in a nappy & singlet the past few days. If we head out then it’s a cotton onesie. He sleeps swaddled in a cotton wrap unless he’s feeding…Chelsea
  •  Singlet and nappy. We are from Darwin so always hot.   Jayde
  •  It’s currently between 25-26 in our bedroom so bub is in nappy, singlet and 0.2 tog ergococcon.   Caitlin
  •  Merino wool sleeping bag, nappy and maybe a singlet.   Hayley
  •  To stay cool: Aircon, water play time (outside in the shade -with sun cream), water for drinking and light clothing.   To sleep: fan in room, 0.5 tog, singlet and nappy. We have a single sheet tucked in over that to help keep him in place.    Jemima
  •  Lightweight sleeping bag and either a singlet onesie or short sleeve.   Deanne
  •  A singlet onsie and a muslin wrap for my baby.   Hannah
  •  DD was born in Darwin so has always slept in a Nappy & singlet with a ceiling fan. Never used a sheet or anything until we recently moved to QLD.    Danille
  •  My 5 month old sleeps in nappy, sleeveless & legless onesie & wrapped in a light muslin cotton wrap- being so hot tomorrow, maybe just a nappy & wrap.   Lisa
  •  I would only put on a singlet and nappy no onesie has they can over heat.   Ashleigh
  •  Singlet and nappy with a sheet no blanket and fan or a sleeping bag singlet and nappy.   Ashleigh
  •  Karratha has been 35 everyday for about a month. My kid’s rooms are both set to 25 degrees and my 6 month old sleeps in a singlet onesie and a thin sleeveless sleeping bag.    Stacey
  •  My 8 month old sleeps in nappy and singlet with a blanket if he wants it.   Emma
  •  She used to just wear a nappy and singlet.    Danielle
  •  Light sleeping bag, and a little fan in her room.    Alessa
  •  Just a nappy. I did dampen a muslin wrap on 40deg plus days when my youngest was a newborn.    Ky
  •  Buby has a ceiling fan in her room n she sleeps in a singlet and nappy.  Sammie
  •  We have had our air con on for 6 weeks already; it’s about 25 at night. They sleep in pjs and under a sheet.    Simone

 The ABA also has some great tips on their website. https://www.breastfeeding.asn.au/bf-info/you-and-your-breastfed-baby/cool

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