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Toddler snack ideas – what’s your favourite?

Toddler snack ideas Toddler girl eating strawberry in blooming gardenWhat’s your child’s favourite snack food? Feel free to share recipes, photos and links to give us all new toddler snack ideas 

  • Frozen peas.   Jenna
  • Any fruit! I once tried to give him an LCM bar he didn’t even taste it just gave it straight to the dog and stole an apple out of the fruit basket haha good boy.   Dee
  • Yogurt, cheese, apples or anything that I’m eating and look like I’m enjoying.   Elyse
  • Bananas & pears …. cucumber… cheese …. and cheerios!! (Aka cocktail franks for non Queenslander’s lol)   Sheena
  • Bananas and grapes. Pretty much any fruit but he goes nuts for them!   Lizzie
  • my dd is going crazy for mandarins if she doesn’t get one it’s tantrums.   Sanantha
  • Frozen blueberries!!! His favourite food.   Fiona
  • Popcorn!! He calls it copcorn lol he’s only just 2.   Jasia
  • Fruit and piklets.     Michelle
  • I make clean cookies for him to eat! No refined sugar and glisten free! He thinks its great eating biscuits and I don’t have a hypo child because there’s no sugar or anything in them! And in the summer I make smoothies and freeze them into ice blocks for him.   Ashlee
  • Hi, can you please give me your cookie recipe? Have tried a few clean cookie recipes but no luck in her eating them! Thanks   Emma
  • Popcorn!   Alana
  • things he can dip – carrot or cucumber sticks with humus, biscuits with mashed avocado etc.   Kelsi
  • Sliced fruit with mascarpone cheese & vanilla paste mixed/   Anthea
  • Celery & Carrot sticks with cottage cheese.   Alison
  • Fruit, yoghurt and cheese.   Samantha
  • My youngest son love buds cereal in a zip lock bag for crazy kinder drop off mornings. He also loves the 6month plus only organic pouches squeezy purees things as a snack and he is 20 mths lol   Natalie
  • Cheesy-mite scrolls, yoghurt, banana, hydralite icypoles hehe.   Natalie
  • Pear, banana, stewed apple, tinned peaches, cucumber, cooked carrot/ broccoli/cauliflower/pumpkin/sweet potato/zucchini, avocado, Sao biscuits with vegemite, cream cheese or peanut butter, cheese, yogurt.   Sarah
  • Those fruit string things… Cheese… Yoghurt… popcorn…   Tara
  • Mandarins, Banana, cheese, freeze dried yoghurt drops, sultanas, dried cranberries/blueberries, rice crackers, savoury pikelets.   Dana
  • Sultanas by the truckload.   Joanna
  • Vegemite on crackers.   Fiona
  • Crackers and cheese. When they were very little they liked tiny food – peas raisins sunflower seeds etc.   Frances
  • Hummus and rice crackers.   Siobhan
  • Corn on cob!   Siobhan
  • Sultanas, rice cakes, banana, mandarins.   Kellie
  • Same as others, but if Im feeling inspired; mini lamb coftas with plain yogurt to dip, savory pancakes, homemade jelly.   Bronwyn
  • It varies from week to week, this week my dd loves strawberries and cheese.   Danni
  • Cheese! My 20 month old ds goes straigjt to the fridge first think in the morning for cheese lol. He eats about 6 slices a day!   Racheal
  • Toasted sandwiches atm in fact toast in general is a big hit with my 3yr old and 8 month old there not so keen on fresh bread or cereal.   Zoe
  • Bananas, cheese, warermelon, apple, crackers, biscuits, plain ricotta and spinach raviolli, home made savory scrolls, fruit and nut bars.   Taylor
  • Cheese and strawberries crazy at the moment!    Linda
  • Any kind of fruit. A fruit salad is always a winner.   Kristy
  • Blue berries strawberries and grapes are the absolute favorite. But apple pear banana cheese and yogurt are still good too ( if the others are all gone ).   Kylie
  • 3 parts of Greek yoghurt + 1 part of strawberry yoghurt + pieces of strawberry + rice crackers.   Mi
  • Dehydrated Indian Spicy Peas and Beef Jerky.   Apreinia
  • Vegemite and cheese muffins.   Emma
  • Strawberries and green apples.   Louise
  • Bananas.   Nat
  • A piece of fruit usually an apple or banana with a tiny bit of honey drizzled on it. Tamara
  • Chesse, cucumber and tomato on crackers.   Brodie
  • My famous mini quiches. Huge hit for everyone actually.   Michaela
  • At the moment strawberries.   Ebony
  • Cheese or mandarine at the moment.   Sopie

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