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Tips for Travelling with Toddlers

I am travelling with my toddler in the next holidays and would love some tips for surviving this from other parents.

  • With my children I would make up hourly bags. Each bag would have something different in it ie toy, drawing pad with different coloured pencils, food, drink and a treat. Lots of breaks along the way for legs to stretch helps too 🙂 Lisa
  • Portable dvd player, snacks and plenty of fluids, games like spotto, colouring books, books, favourite teddy/doll. Margaret
  • Def a dvd player for the car! Chantel
  • Take lots of little containers of food. Allow plenty of time to get there, with lots of stops. Little magnetic drawing boards are good -like magna doodle. Tanya
  • Make or buy some playdough. Pack a bag with some new paper crayons stickers and anything else they may like. Keep it till the trip so it’s exciting to have new stuff. You could even wrap them up and give them one or two ad they gets bored. Katrina


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