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Valentine’s Day Craft For Kids

Valentine's Day Craft Stained Glass Window | Baby Hints & Tips

Everyone loves the look of stained glass, so this Valentine’s Day craft for kids is a great chance to hang a little love in your windows while keeping the kids occupied with some crafty, fine-motor play.

By Lynne Jackson

Discussion points: Parents may choose to spend time with their children in sorting activities before beginning the gluing stage, encouraging classification and naming skills. This activity encourages children to develop their fine motor skills and also leads to discussion about size, colour and shape.

Stained Glass 2Materials:
Buttons (most craft stores will sell these in assorted colours by the jar)
PVA glue
Baking paper
Printed stencils of geometric shapes
Scissors for trimming


ButtonCraft7-21. Sort buttons with children into colours.

2. Tape a stencil sheet to the table and then tape a large sheet of baking paper on top. (Taping the sheets avoids buttons shifting as the children apply glue)

3. Use a paint brush to apply glue to each button, placing them onto the baking paper until the entire shape is filled.

4. Allow to dry, then trim, and affix to your child’s window with double sided tape or Blu-Tak.

When it’s not Valentines Day: The same craft could also be used for other season shapes – Easter you could do Easter Eggs, Christmas a tree shape and more advanced children could make rainbows, flowers etc all year round. Let your imagination run wild!

Adaptions for Age Appropriate Craft: For younger children, who might struggle with fine motor skills, it can be easier to use sequins. Children will need to spread the glue over the shape first, then place and press sequins rather than a one-by-one approach as with the buttons.

Button Craft Final

Lynn Jackson is a mother of three, a wife of one and a teacher of many. Living in her hometown of Adelaide after many years travelling and teaching abroad, she attempts to find time for her passions of photography, reading, writing and skinny lattes with friends.


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