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How to make New Years Eve fun for your little ones

Since becoming a parent five years ago, I don’t think I’ve actually made it until midnight on New Years Eve. Some years we’re lucky enough to get a babysitter and manage to go out for dinner, but we’re usually home and asleep by 10pm (#mumlife #parentlife). It’s not like you get to sleep in on January 1st!

Lots of people with kids opt to have their own New Years Eve parties at home and make the celebration extra fun for the kids too. The older they get – the closer to midnight they can make it (and bonus if it’s at your own house at least you can put your kids to bed). So here are some fun activities you can try in the lead up to NYE or to add a bit of sparkle to your event.

New Years Eve Craft with toddlers

New Years Eve craft for toddlers

1. Fireworks Art

new years eve with kids - craft ideasThis is a really simple art idea that even little toddlers can try. Cut the edges of a toilet roll to create a fringe and then bend them back before dipping into the paint and creating a fireworks painting on the paper. My kids loved this activity. A dish brush works just as well too. We used yellow, orange and pink paint which worked so well together. You could also try doing it on black card for a special effect. Sprinkle with glitter if you dare!

new years eve craft

2. Sparkler Craft

To get even craftier try these cool sparklers! All you need to do is cut strips of cellophane and silver tin foil (leaving about 2cm at the edges) and tape around a straw. The kids will love running around the back yard shaking them all around (and they’re much safer than the real thing!).

New Years Eve Activities for toddlers

1. Glow Sticks

As it gets darker into the evening (and if your kids can stay up that late) get out the glow sticks to add to your party atmosphere. Put them inside your balloon decorations or link a whole heap of them together like a glow in the dark paper chain for your party decorations that the kids will love helping you with!

2. Balloon Pop Countdown

This is such a fun idea! Blow up 12 balloons and have a different time written on each of then (starting at 12 noon, followed by 1:00, 2:00 etc… until you get to midnight). Then when each time comes “pop” one, and your kids can be involved in their own countdown.
Having said that there’s no rule that you have to wait to midnight to do the countdown. Why not have a pretend one at 9pm so they can toddle off to bed and still feel like they were part of the celebrations. Get some party poppers and whistles so they can make lots of noise when you count back from 10 to zero.

3. Surprise Bags

Another idea that you can do on the hour ever hour is open “surprise bags”. They can be filled with whatever you like; an activity to do, a colouring in page, a special treat, a challenge or a game. Get creative! This will keep the kids busy and entertained as the party is continuing on.

4. Dress Ups and Make Your Own Party Hats

Do your kids have a dress up box? New Years Eve is such a fun night to let the kids dress up. Something so simple but they will think it’s the best thing ever. Add some glittery party hats, or let them decorate their own to wear.

5. Movie Night

If the little ones are determined to stay up until midnight at your party – try to set up a quiet movie are for them, with popcorn and comfy cushions. A great option to have if it all gets too much for them.

If you’re after some more ideas to cater for the littlest ones in your life on New Years Eve check out this post with some suggestions from our lovely Baby Hints and Tips Facebook Community

To be honest with you all I have no idea what we’ll be doing for NYE this year! It’s our little man’s second birthday on the 30th and we are having family and friends around to celerate with a fun water play party – I highly doubt that I’ll feel like hosting again lol.
Hmm, I wonder what the chances of getting a baby sitter would be?

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