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VBAC with twins

Loving Husband Wiping Pregnant Wife's ForeheadI’ve got two kids (todder born naturally and my youngest by c section), and am now pregnant with twins. Has anyone had a twin pregnancy after a singleton c section and been able to try for a vbac?¬†

  • It will largely depend on your Ob, babies positioning, and also the reason for why you had a c-section with your youngest. I think you will have trouble finding an Ob who will offer a VBAC for a twin pregnancy. Good luck with your pregnancy. Nicole
  • There is a great Facebook group called VBAC Australia Support Group. Lots of ladies on there with similar (if not the same) experience, great advice, as well as accurate stats, research etc. There are also midwives, doola’s etc that are part of the group. Melissa
  • It is your choice! If it is what you want let all your health care providers know!! Don’t feel pushed into a decision that you are not happy with. I’m sure lots of women have done this and it has gone beautifully!! PM me if you’d like any advice x Bec
  • I am in final weeks of a singleton pregnancy after twin c section and attempting VBAC when the time comes Haylee
  • I had a VBAC after c section. My OB was very supportive with my decision to do so. Carol
  • It will depend on ur care provider. I don’t think u ll find a truly supportive ob. Ur best bet will be with midwives. Be careful if an ob tells u they ll be supportive….I’ve heard of several who have not been in the end after saying this…(once the bill is paid..)>:-(! Briony
  • I had twins via c section at 18, i am now 20 and ten weeks pregnant with a single baby and i want to try for a VBAC as long as there are no complications with your twins and your pregnancy then i say go for it! Make sure you find someone that is willing to listen to you and what you want.. Pm me if you want xx Kate
  • Will depend on position of both babies and how prem they come but if all is ok then I couldn’t see why u can’t Wendy
  • I had a c section with my first & I am currently pregnant with twins. I was hoping for a natural birth this time round however I have been advised that unless both babies are head down the risks are to high due to the pressure placed on your scar tissue Shannyn
  • I had a friend who had c section wif twins wanted her next baby to b vbac but drs wanted c section n this was her 3rd pregnancy Vanessa
  • I’ve had a VBAC after caesarian (breech bub), both singleton babies. I was advised not to because of the risks of uterine rupture more so because there was only 12 months between them. I successfully got my VBAC but it didn’t come with out complications to bubs which was nothing related to a past c-section just one of those things that happen unfortunately all apart of labour. I’ve just had my 4th which unfortunately was a failed VBAC due to massive complications with bubs and a very damaged uterus that had to be partially removed. I was relieved to have a section because the risks for bub and me this time around were significantly high. At the end of the day what ever is the safest option for mum and bub (bubs). Your health care provider should be supportive of what ever decision you make. Caitlin
  • It will depend on a few factors – why you had a c-section for #2; the length of time between the c-section and the birth of your twins; your babies positioning at the time; along with your Ob’s preferences. As you have a ‘proven’ labour history by having had your first child vaginally then you have a higher chance of a successful VBAC it at least being given the chance than someone who hasn’t had a vaginal delivery at all. Good luck. Nicole
  • I’m currently pregnant with twins it depends on a few things, your Dr, why you had a csection last time, and wether twin A is in the right position when it comes time to deliver Melissa
  • It will very much depend on the positions of your babies. If the leading twin is head down there is a chance but can also depend on what twin 2 is doing. I just had a c-section with my twins as even though t1 was head down t2 was transverse and big so too risky to go naturally. With twins the biggest thing is to try and go with the flow with the pregnancy, birth and once they are born. Not going to lie this pregnancy is going to be incredibly tough, especially towards the end. Try and join your local multiple birth ass and like the Australian multiple birth page as both will be full of information and support. Diane
  • No experience but there are a few VBAC groups on Facebook. Good luck Tracey
  • A twin VBAC is very possible. I know a lady who attempted one until the cord prolapsed and another who is inspiringly going for a twin VBA4C. Its definitely doable! Rochelle
  • Slightly different from your situation but my first pregnancy was twins and I had a c section and I’m now pregnant with my 3rd and plan on a vbac. I was told that as long as there were no complications with your c section and the incision was made on the bikini line horizontally that it should be ok to have a vbac for the next pregnancy. Good luck! Laura

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