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What do You Leave Out for Santa and his Reindeer? Community Tips

Cookies for Santa: Conceptual image of ginger cookies, milk and christmas decoration on blue backgroundMilk and cookies for Santa? Carrots for his reindeer? What do you leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve? Does Santa leave any evidence he has been at your house?

  • We leave milk and cookies for Santa. Samantha
  • We leave a carrot for the reindeer and a fruit mince pie for Santa and a glass of milk, Santa leaves crumbs and the reindeer leaves the end of the carrot. Sad that some parents take away the joy of Christmas for a child, believing in make believe characters actually teaches a child to dream and imagination, it makes a childhood magical and special, it’s not lying its giving the gift of a wonderful childhood!   Sophie
  • We leave biscuits and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. Santa usually leaves a few crumbs on the plate and this year will be leaving footprints from the fireplace to the presents.   Carmen 
  • I love to see my little boy use his imagination when it comes to Santa and Easter bunny, he is only 2 and if he wants to believe in either of them until he knows better then I’m all for it, no way is it lying to them, it’s called childhood and it’s not going to hurt them in the long run! Let kids be kids and enjoy these special times!   Lucy
  • It changes each year. So far we’ve had a cheese slice and can of coke, choc mud cake, cookies, beer, milk, Milo. All depends on what the kids think he might like as a snack. Natasha 
  • Cookies and a glass of beer for Santa and some carrots and treats for the reindeers.   Kristy 
  • We normally make some biscuits for Santa with a glass of milk and carrots and a container of water for the reindeer. I love the look on my kid’s faces when they think Santa has been. Nothing beats it.   Kirsty 
  • Biscuits homemade. Can of coke and reindeer get carrots. Which I take to the horses so they have teeth marks in the morning!!!!   Deborah 
  • Cookies and a cup of milk for Santa & some carrots for the reindeer. Our kids are only little for a short time, cherish it! Let them believe in the magic of it all! Nothing beats seeing your child’s eyes & face light up with excitement! If you don’t believe, you don’t receive!  Skye
  • My girls are 3 and 4 and only just realising what Christmas is. I’ll definitely be leaving something out for Santa and the reindeer this year and maybe even powder foot prints.   Melanie
  • Carrots, water. A drink for Father Christmas. All outside as my eldest does not like the idea of a strange person in his home whilst he is sleeping. One year he even gave the postman some Christmas cake as he believes the postie helped Father Christmas out.
    The children make magic stuff for the reindeer too. Oats and glitter helps the reindeers fly.   Vanessa 
  • We leave carrot and milk.   Amanda 
  • We will be doing carrots and a bucket of water for reindeers, with the bucket knocked over and the ends of carrots on the lawn. We leave sultanas in small clumps and the kids(5,3,2) think it is reindeer poop. Santa gets his milk and cookies he leaves a little in the glass and crumbs all over the plate with a special thank you note saying, “Thanks for the snack, I’ll be coming back”. From Santa.   Rose
  • Santa drinks either most of his glass of milk, beer or ginger beer and nibbles on a cookie… The reindeer munch on a carrot but are messy eaters and usually leave chewed up bits all over the front patio….Jordana 
  • Milk & Cookies we normally bake & decorate Santa’s cookies! Although last year, Santa helped himself to a beam can and left his empty under the tree along with a letter!!   Kaylah 
  • We leave a beer for Santa and a carrot and bowl of water for Rudolph.   Jayne 
  • Beer & cookies for Santa & a carrot & water for the reindeer.   Bec 
  • Santa gets a drink and some cake or bikkies, and outside we leave a bucket of water and a carrot for the reindeer. The bucket gets knocked over and we leave some carrot ends on the lawn. Santa of course eats and drinks his food too.   Kara 
  • Still thinking maybe a glass of coke and when in bed a swig of scotch in it lol and an apple for good measure lol tis the season to be merry.   Charmien 
  • Cookies and milk for Santa the usual but with the added twist of a potato for the reindeer to play soccer with on the roof while they wait, of course the milk and cookies get eaten and the potato has dints in it from the hooves kicking it around.   Chloe 
  • Tim tams and a glass of milk, Santa leaves a little milk and a bite of biscuit left Reindeers get carrots and a bucket of water.   Jennifer 
  • We’ll be leaving milk and cookies out for Santa and a carrot for the reindeers and will leave little bits of carrot on the floor so it looks like they ate them. My son whom is 3 will be so excited.   Kirryn 
  • My oldest is 3.5 so this year I’m going to do the whole leave a carrot out for reindeer thing and stuff like that he will love it so excited!   Nicole 
  • Biscuits and milk for Santa, carrots for the reindeer. Then I break the carrots and leave a bit of mess. My daughter was screaming with excitement last year that the reindeer ate the carrots. Leave some crumbs on the plate for the biscuits too.   Annalisa 
  • Cookies and bundi for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. Reindeer always leave their snowy white floury footprints where they have landed.   Melissa 
  • Me and my kids always bake same sort of cookie and he gets a glass of milk and the reindeers get carrot with a side of oats that have glitter with it.   Harlie
  • We leave milk and cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer and we eat some of everything and leave a little thank you note.   Leigh 
  • My son has only just turned 2, so he doesn’t really understand, but my brother and I used to always leave a beer for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer.   Sarah 
  • I don’t leave anything out but the kids places there Santa sacks out (homemade ones). My kid’s are 3yo and 18mo.   Chantelle 
  • We leave some biscuits n either beer or milk for Santa and water n carrots for the reindeer. Then in the morning there is an empty bowl of water, an empty glass from Santa n the ends of the carrots left.   Ann-Marie 
  • We do the traditional milk and biscuits for Santa n some carrots n water for the reindeer last year and Santa’s reindeer leave magic dust on our garden.   Laura 
  • We leave a glass of milk and cookies for Santa and some carrots for the reindeer! And usually write a little thank you note to my son from Santa! Kids love using their imagination and that’s part of what Santa, Easter bunny, tooth fairy are about.   Andrea

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