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When did you stop sterilising Dummies and Bottles

funny baby with dummy - When to Stop Sterilising Baby Bottles? Baby Hints and TipsWhen did you stop sterilising bottles and dummies.

  • I dont and its not uncommon not to. Hot soapy water and air dry. Never had a problem, perfectly healthy bub. Kylie
  • My son is 9 months old and I sterilise his bottles and dummies every day. Will continue to do this until he gives up the bottles. He’s never had a tummy upset and I think that is because I am vigilant with the process. It’s takes 10 minutes a day – wash, rinse and 5 mins in the microwave . Rather do that then have put up with sick bubba. Prevention better than cure. Mel
  • As soon as they started putting everything in their mouths or when they start solids! You don’t steralising toys or spoon etc so no need to continue with bottles! Just a good wash in hot soapy water! Tamara
  • mixed responses on this topic I say if u have a steriliser it doesn’t hurt to use as long as you can my first I stopped at 12 months only because the electric steriliser takes a minute to load and second to press the button he’s 2 and every now and then I still boil everything spoons cups bottles tears my second is 9 months bf but I boil dummies every morning while I do breakfast takes a few minutes only Vesna
  • 12 months old Virginia
  • 6 months. I just wash with hot soapy water after 6m. They were putting everything in their mouth anyway. Sonya
  • As soon as my girls could crawl I pretty much stopped sterilizing because they would stick anything and everythijg in their mouths anyway. Kind of made it a waste of time. Still boil the water and make sure I wash them in very hot water. Laura
  • Never bothered with sterilising! Just washed with hot soapy water, rinse throughly and air dry Sarah
  • I never did!!! I gave it a quick wash with hot water and soap, same as all the other dishes. Babies don’t get an immune system by being kept completely away from germs. My son is now almost 2 and has never been sick a day in his life! Hayley
  • My first baby was after 12 months. 2nd baby was around 6 months and I didn’t at all with my third. Always washed in hot soapy water and rinsed in hot water with my last baby. He’s been fine so far at 10 months. Michelle
  • When I introduced solids around 5 months because she was picking everything up and chewing toys/teethers etc anyway. Shirree
  • I was told by MCHN to stop sterilising bottles when they turned 12 months. I rarely sterilise my sons dummy. Samantha
  • The hospital treks you not too steralize anymore right from birth. Thorough wash in hot soapy water is all they recommend as we don’t live in a third world country or water supply is treated etc. Even with my first and only baby 1 of 7 who I did steralizefor I stopped steralising the moment she began crawling around and started putting everything in her mouth Cara
  • I stopped at 12 months. By that stage, they should have started to build a good immune system and they are also putting everything in their mouths. Kylie
  • Dummies around 8 months, bottles 10 months Leia
  • I’ve never sterilised bottles after every use, just washed and let air dry, then sterilise them every week or two. Otherwise I definitely wouldn’t bother once they start with solids and put everything in their mouth anyway. Tania

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