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When did your period return after completely stopping breastfeeding

period when breastfeeding stopsFor those of you who didn’t get your period back until you completely stopped breastfeeding, how long after you stopped did your period return?

  • About 2 weeks. Nicole
  • Fed 2.5yrs come back after 3 months Brook
  • My son is 18 months and I started weaning the breast feeds to bottles at 9 months and completely stopped by 10 as I went back to work. I still haven’t had mine 😕 after reading comments maybe I should be a bit more worried that it still has not returned Shari
  • Its been almost 8 months since i stopped bf and i still dont have mine back, starting to get worried (im 100% not pregnant) Hannah
  • Took 3 months for me Monica
  • it took about 6 weeks each time, with me. stopped BF at 8.5 months old, with the first, 5 months exactly with the seccond, and 3 months with the third, its six weeks later now, and sure enough my period started 3 days ago. Its likely different for every one, but I hope this helps you Alice
  • mine didn’t come back till bubs was 14 months old. When I finished bf Vernazza
  • From memory, at least two months…and that was with all three of my kids stopping at different times. Nadia
  • 1st son that week, 2nd son a couple months! Sarah
  • I stopped with my oldest at 3ish months didn’t get a parioed until he was 13ish months Leila
  • Good question. I’m still bf’ing my almost 21mth old and was wondering how long it would take Rachael
  • I got my period back at 7 months with my first. My second is almost 3 months now and still haven’t got mine Alexandra

Mums share your experience with the return of your period when breastfeeding stops.

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