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Young mum judgement

I’m 23 and I have two kids. I’m married to their father but I find myself avoiding telling people that I’m a mum because of all the judgement. Has anyone else experienced young mum judgement? Sometimes I just don’t know what to say to people’s rude comments.

  • No matter what you do people will judge. I’m 30 with 2 kids but look a lot younger so can often feel judgement. But it’s no one else’s business & I know what my life is. Try not to let busy bodies get to you, Kintara
  • I am also 23 with 2 kids and a third on the way married too their father and am also a bank manager you don’t have to be older to be a good mother I think this is a great age to be a parent and most of the time the judgement is jealously so be proud to be a young mum its not always that easy for everyone. Age is just a number! Hannah
  • I know the feeling. I’m about to turn 20. It isn’t their business. As long as you and your kids are in a good place, you’re doing a good job. Their judgement is unwarranted Annie
  • Im 20 with a daughter I tyrned 20 while I was pregnant and I dont care what people think om a great mum with an amazing life and anyone who doesn’t know me and wants to judge can suck a big one lol. There is no reason to feel judged by aa person who doesn’t know you Emma
  • Really, your 23, don’t worry about anyones nasty comments. Their will always be someone that judges no matter your age etc. My sister has been with her husband since she was 15 she is 30 this year. They were 19 & 21 when they purchased their house and she was 21 when they married and 22 when she had her 1st and now has 3. Someone once told me “never judge yourself because there will always be someone out there doing it for you”. Stacie
  • Pull people up on it maybe it will stop them from judging others people Jess
  • Really? Be proud of your hubby, babies and your life. Thrive on it. Just because you are a younger family doesn’t mean anyone has the right to judge. It’s no one elses business how old you are. You are a mum, a wife, but above all else you are you. Rock it and love it. Besides look on the bright side, you’ll be mid 40’s with independent kids…enough said Crystal
  • I’m a 23yr old single mum and have no fear in letting people know I’m a mum. There was a time when having kids at 20 was the norm. My issue will be telling potential partners about him. People are going to judge no matter what you do so don’t worry. Bre
  • Try not to be around the people that are being judgemental. If you’ve got beautiful children, a beautiful husband and you are a nice person too, then why should they be judging? Kelly
  • I think you’re awesome for having your s*** together at 23. All mums blow me away, but I’m always in awe of young mums. Maybe next time someone gives you attitude, ask them what it’s like to be so perfect they have the right to judge strangers?? People can be jerks. Kristy
  • I’m 28 and a mother to 5 my eldest being 7 who cares what ppl think u should be proud and not worry ppl r so judgemental these days it’s crazy. The amount of looks I get or comments are made I’ve learnt to ignore them latest ones I get are u have ur hands full or are they all yours. I say be be proud with what u have if u are happy that’s all that matters Amie
  • Because i look younger then i actually am at the hairdresses and etc they often mistake me for a student but i am actually 23 and have a child. If they were to ask me if i was a mum i would say yes i am proud to be a mum i dont care what anyone else thinks. If they say anything rude just stand up for u and your family. Ellen
  • I just turned 25 and about to have my 3rd and also have a 9 year old stepdaughter. I just ignore the looks and nasty comments. Found it hard to deal with when pregnant with my first as I was 19 and the looks were constant but I’ve learnt it really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks as long as your happy. Worst thing for me was that when I was 19 people still thought I looked 16 and my husband is really tall so they assumed he was a lot older lol get worse looks when we’re out together with the kids I just laugh it off now. Kimberley
  • I will be 23 soon and don’t have any children yet but my husband (26) and I are trying. Everyone has their opinion about when we should have children and their comments are usually “you don’t want a baby yet, you’re too young” or “get settled before having kids” or “you need to travel!” Anon
  • We are currently renovating a house that we own and are doing okay financially, everyone’s idea of “ready” is different. I’m also completely sick of everyone’s negative comments but in the end it’s your life and your family, people will always have comments and opinions but you have to take them as they come and just focus on what’s best for your family. Jenna
  • As hard as it may be ignore them it is there problem not yours. I am a first time Mum at 39 and get it on the other end. Always going to be judgers.. Be proud of who you are and your family, to heck with them Caroline
  • I’m 24 with bubba number 2 on the way. I’m married to their father and have just finished my uni degree. Be proud of yourself and try and ignore the judgement. Doesn’t matter your age or situation, there will always be people that will judge you! Hayley
  • I’m 23 will be 24 in august. I am pregnant with my 5th child. my oldest is not my hubby’s but a lot of people think she is. I feel the judgment a lot, where I am I’m the youngest and have the most kids. but I love it and would not change a thing. I now could care what others think. but that took awhile. Vanessa
  • Just ignore the rude comments. Some people are just insensitive. I’m 32 and have 4 kids. I’ve gotten surprised looks when people realise that they all have the same father, we’ve been married for 10 years, and we’re still together. I get the gee you’ve got your hands full many times lol. Just ignore it Haylee

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