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6 Things To Do Before Baby Arrives

Expecting? 6 Things To Do – For You – Before Baby Arrives

You’ve decked out the nursery, the newborn nappies are lined up under the change table and your hospital bag is packed. Now here are a few things you probably haven’t thought of that you really should do for yourself before baby arrives.

1. Spend time alone

Very soon you’ll get your own body back. You’ll be able to stand up without falling sideways, roll over in bed without pulling a muscle and sit down without being punched in the kidneys.

Your gorgeous baby will be born and separate from you and you’ll be able to hand them over to someone else to get time to yourself.

Yeah, right. Well, maybe if you’re rich and famous and have a nanny and a housekeeper.

The reality is, as wonderful as babies are, you’ll be lucky if you can find time to have a daily shower for the next six months or so. Or six years. Or sixteen.

Treasure a few uninterrupted hours to yourself while you still can.

2. Watch lots of movies

Go to the cinema. Don’t wait until your favourite film comes out on DVD as you may not get a chance to watch a movie the whole way through for a while. Babies have an uncanny knack of demanding to be fed just as the next tribute in The Hunger Games is about to get the axe.

3. Go out for coffee with your friends

Revel in the freedom of being able to walk out the door without an overstuffed nappy bag, pram, blankets, carrier, toys and, of course, a tiny human being.

4. Take a mini break with your partner

The first few months of being brand new parents together can be joyous. But tough.

Grab your partner and head off, even for just one night. Call it a “babymoon”, Last Minute Luxury or just pre-emptive couples therapy.

Make it all about spending time with the love of your life, having a long lie in (let’s face it, you’re probably not sleeping so well by now anyway) and a lazy brunch.

5. Take a photo of your bump

Take a photo of your 40-week pregnant self. It will help in the days and months after baby arrives, when you’re fretting about getting back your ‘pre-baby body’, to remember your starting point.

It took months to grow your baby and stretch the skin and push out your hips to make enough room. It may take months for your body to shrink down again.

And here’s a tip for free – you’ll probably never look the same. And that’s ok.

In a few weeks, take another look at that photo of your 40-week pregnant self. Then look at your beautiful baby. You’ve created another life. It’s only right that the curves of your body record that.

6. Take time to just sit and enjoy your baby

This is the last time your baby will be just yours. Your little secret, tucked up inside you, that you don’t have to share with anybody.


things to do before baby arrives
Rebecca Stephens is a Melbourne working mum of two gorgeous boys (aged 4 & 2) and wife to a wonderful man with his head in the clouds (he’s a pilot). You can find her on Twitter or Facebook. Rebecca has her own blog,  Seeing the Lighter Side of Parenting

Images: Author Rebecca Stephens, 6 months pregnant enjoying Cottesloe Beach (left) & her ‘baby bump’ picture the night before her second son was born (weighing in at 4.45kg!)

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