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Age Gaps between first and second child

age gap between first and second childWhat age gaps do you have between your first and second child? What positives did you find with the gap, and what challenges did you have?

  • 17.5mths, both boys. Love it. When the 2nd was born it was tricky as they eldest was still very young to understand that my attention was also needed elsewhere. But once we all got into a groove it was perfect.    Sharon
  •  I have 16mths between #1 & #2 then 21mths between #2 & #3 (3yrs 1mth between #1 & #3) I loved my 16mth gap.. Still had day naps, absolutely no jealously, was busy at first then became really easy from 3mths. Now with #3 (3wks old) 3yo is harder to deal with being pregnant & with a newborn. The 21mth old is ok but starting terrible twos but overall it’s been quite easy as the first two play together while I breastfed and deal with bub.    Emma
  •  I have 10 years between my 2 – I do love the gap Positives are that my older one was very self reliant when I had my second, it is much easier to talk out any jealousy and for him to behave better around his sister, I had a few years of actual sleep, and amazingly they are very close (as well as him being the protective older brother). Negatives are that Miss 3 wants to do whatever who brother does – which includes video games, later nights and sleepovers with friends, and the shock of getting back into the baby/toddler routines.    Renee
  •  I had 3 years (almost exactly!) between mine and it was perfect! Son was toilet trained by the time his sister arrived, slept through the night and was old enough to cope with having to share attention and start to pick up his toys etc.    Jolene
  •  I found out I was pregnant with my second just as my first turned two. So 2.9 year gap.  Loved it. My oldest was able to understand everything that was going on & loved being mummy’s big helper. You’ll have positive & negatives for any gap though. He wanted to play with the baby all the time and had to realise that bub was too little & didn’t do much & he couldn’t be rough. Second is now 10 months old and they love each other to bits and finally he can play with his little brother now & they have lots of fun together.    Amber
  •  Between my first 2 there’s 11 years!! Then the third one came just 16 months later!! Positives for longer break is my eldest and I are very close and negatives are he missed out on a close sibling.. Positives for having 2 close together are they’re the best of friends and negatives are they tag team me and some days I really struggle going from one to the other!!   Laurel
  •  I have 4 year between my eldest and middle daughter and 5 yrs between her and our youngest loved them that gap as I got to spend time with each of them before the next
  •  I have a 5 year old and a 10month old: best decision to wait Mr can do most things by himself and is starting primary school this year so I can have even more one on one time with little miss! It’s made life so much easier having such a big gap.    Naomee
  •  My age gap between my girls is almost 6 yrs. I was actually planning on a 4 yr gap… what I love about the age difference is my eldest can be super helpful. Shes old enough to not have to worry about her being to overzealous with her baby sister. And she absolutely loves to play, sleep, bath, feed and even change her nappy on occasion. The best part too is that big sister is in school so I only have 1 child to worry about at home.    Hailey
  •  Mine are a month shy of 3 years apart… I love it because my miss 3 is toilet trained, eating on her own, no bottles or dummies, can entertain herself, likes to help out and most of all understand how I have to time share… It’s also gone a long way in the learning patience department… However, it is incredibly hard to have plenty of sleep for the past two years and go back to the sleepless nights… I am struggling with it so much more this time around… Everyone is different though.    AShlea
  •  I have almost exactly 3 years between my first and second child. They are now 15 and 18. It has always been the perfect age gap. The oldest was old enough to help when his little brother came along and also toilet trained so I only ever had one bub in nappies. They have always been very close too.    Samantha
  •  My children are just 4 years apart I think it’s a perfect gap because my son can tell me what he wants, is a little bit independent with drinks and snacks, toilet trained so I don’t have 2 in nappies… He’s such a great helper with his little sister too.   Keran
  •  I have 2 years and 1 months between my two and I wish I either had less or more. Two babies would be much nicer in my mind as they would be at similar milestones and routines would be the same or a 4-5 yeat gap would be good because the older child would be more independent and would be much easier to get your one on one time with each of them. Also after having my girls two years apart I really think it would be much nicer to be a second born to an older sibling lol.    Nicole
  •  I have an 18 month gap. The positives for me is that my eldest was super loving my didn’t care enough to be jealous and my eldest still has days sleeps so I still had time to have a little rest. My littlest is now 4 months old and I’m yet to have a negative, I’m really loving having the two of them this close.    Ashley
  •  I have 2 1/2 years to the date between my two girls. It’s a real struggle sometimes but I can see they will be good friends when they get older. I feel like I’m constantly telling My 2 1/2 year old get off your sister and don’t pull her arms or legs, no she can’t eat that, get that ice cream away from your sister. Doesn’t feel like it ends all day actually.    Samara
  •  22 months and it’s great that they’re so close and my big girl understood when I said she had to be gentle etc.    Laura
  •  3 years.   Belinda
  •  2years 7months perfect the first was fully toilet trained. And he was great with the baby.    Samantha
  •  1 nearly 3 years and I love this gap.   Alana
  •  5 yrs between our 1st & 2nd. Love the gap!!! They are very close.   Nancy
  •  4 half yrs apart. Pros- oldest can do most things himself. He can help out a bit. Hes now at school so have some one on one time with baby. Only one in nappies. Had a break of baby stage. Cons- somtimes it feels like im starting again. School drop offs are hard to time with baby naps. I like a bigger gap overall.   Bethany
  •  6 years between my two. Awesome age gap!! No challenges!    Lissy
  •  2.5 years. The gap is good as they are playing together now (aged 3 and 9 months) but breastfeeding was hard as toddler was missing out which gave me bad mummy guilt so i quit after two weeks.   Nikki
  •  2 yrs 3months. I have a almost 3 year old and a nearly 6 month old. It can be difficult but they love each other and the almost 3 year old will entertain his sister while I do things like go to the toilet.    Jade
  •  My DD had just turned 3 years 2 months before my DS was born. It has been brilliant. She is great at helping, independent enough to do everything for herself so I can focus more on meting my babies needs and a great source of entertainment for him. Only negative is that now that he’s on the move we are having issues with inappropriate (small and dangerous) toys being left around.   Bree
  •  14 months age gap… when I first had baby 2… Was sweet easy and I could of done it over and over again.. now they r 2 and 1 … they are learning from each other trying to teach them both is hard as one understands more than the other.. Would I do it again… the age gap.. Yes in a heartbeat.. They may fight but they love each other just as much.   Jaylene
  •  I have 14months between my first two. The first three months were the hardest they are now 2 and 3 and have been best friends since miss 2 could walk. Our third is 5 months old and that transition was a lot easier.   Krissy
  •  Almost 2 year gap, found it a bit exhausting as back then I was a single mum of a toddler whilst pregnant but it wasn’t too bad and I found it easy with baby and young toddler, my son was very helpful with his baby sister and very caring, now at aged 4 and 6 they are a bit more of a handful lol but overall I think it’s a great age gap, I now have an almost 3 yr old and a 3 month old as well and loving it.   Bek
  •  I have 10 months between my first 2 i found it was hard just manly from.being tired for the first couple of months but after that great they have grown up as best friends have always fone everything together.   Megan
  •  My boys are 2 years 2 mths apart ! Great age gap and they play really well now. Great little mates! They are 4 and 22 mths. My older boy was never a jealous brother and was independent and toilet training when my 2nd was born. Is recommend 2 yr gap.   Jen
  •  My 2 oldest boys are 13 months apart. They were great until both at school and now at age 11 and 12….gee! Doing my head in with dobbing and arguing. Lol love them to pieces and they are so into helping me with my 6 month old.   Kelly
  •  I’ve got 2 yrs 10 months between the first and second. It was great as he was old enough to understand and loved having the baby around. They’re good friends most of the time. Similar gaps between the others and they all get along well for the most part eldest loves the littlest too. Good having them out of nappies and a bit independent.    Tammy
  •  3 yrs 9 mths  pros: didn’t need to buy double pram or another cot, only one in nappies, eldest understood babies are fragile, they can’t eat what we eat etc. cons: none really, the only thing that annoys me is my 2yo is a ratbag so I need to get pram out for school drop offs.   Bree
  •  My beautiful kids are 12 months apart and I wouldn’t change it they are best of mates.   Kristy
  •  3 years. My eldest can tell me what he wants and take himself to the toilet while I tend to our 3 month old. Was in no hurry to have kids so close together.   Leah
  •  My 1st is 7 now my 2 nd is on the way the age gap will 7 years and 8 months, I don’t know the problems I am going to have but she is eager to help.    Tearna
  •  My girls are 4.5 yrs apart. My ideal gap was about 3 but time got away. I never wanted to have 2 babies though.  It was great for me when i was tired during pregnancy. I could sleep and my 4 yr old would entertain herself and now she is awesome with her sister.It breaks my heart sometimes though when she plays by herself or asks us to play with her.   Amy
  •  My first and second babies weren’t even 12 months apart in age and they get along really well. I also have 2 plunger bubs with bigger age gaps and I can honestly say I think my oldest 2 were the easiest but you need to be able to juggle multiple things at once when they are that close lol. I would not change anything though and I love my four boys so much. You would be amazed at how well you cope!   Sonya
  •  I have 21 months between my two… Nearly 3 and 14 months awesome I love it!    Louise
  •  About 2 yrs, 5 months. All good just a bit of jealously first couple of days.   Annalisa
  •  1&2 4min apart 1/2 & 3 16months apart I love it now! My baby is almost 1 and he gets on with his older siblings really well! Challenges for me are getting out and about on my own with all 3.. But it gets easier and honestly wouldn’t have it any other way!!    Belinda
  •  I have 8 years between my first and second. I HATE it!!! It wasn’t by my choice, it’s just how it worked out. My boys don’t get along and are 13 yrs and 5 yrs. They have nothing in common and are in 2 different stages of life. However, the gap between my 5 year old son and my daughter is 21 months. They are like 2 peas in a pod and do everything together…sometimes with how they act it is almost like they are twins. I love the closer age gap.   Ca
  •  There will be 3.5 years between my babies I feel that the age gap is great cause the older child more independent and can do certain things by themselves.   Emma
  •  2yrs 9 months. Loved it cause first was already well out of nappies, in a bed and independent enough to play while i fed baby, and was a great little helper – loved shopping for and being involved in helping set things up for bubby. He was and still is the greatest big brother amd has always had a great bond with his sisters. Would have loved the same gap again  the only challenges was lack of rest time during the day, but at least i didn’t have 2 different nap times to work around with outings, so no rest for toddler was an advantage as well.    Kylie
  •  I have 2 boys 19 months apart oldest 23 months youngest almost 4 months it’s very challenging but have found there is a lot of love between them and not a lot of jealousy from my older boy. I love that they will be best mates when they get older.   Rachael
  •  Just gotta keep in mind just cause 1 baby was easy going doesn’t mean the second will be each baby is diff that’s for sure.   Wendy
  •  I have a 22 month age gap between my two and think it’s perfect! The older one is old enough to understand when the baby needs help/attention etc but also still little themselves so you are still in the “baby zone” (eg. Nappies, bottles, getting up through the night). Mine are 15 months and 3 years old now and they play so perfect together… can even manage some days to get them to nap together during the day and get stuff done.. And they generally go to bed now at the same time too!   Janet
  •  My first is 6 months trying for another now.   Joanna
  •  1 pregnancy gold tablets u can take helps with morning sickness to can try sea sick bands from pharmacy I got 4 yrs between mine I loves it my oldest was at kindy which allowed me time for just me and bubs and when bub slept me and my older boy can play games together.   Wendy
  •  I have 6 years between mine, and love the gap! My sister and I are 10 years apart and have a really close relationship!    Haley
  •  Eldest is 9 girl boy 7 months alot of reasons why. Left 9yo father and took w ehile to get back on feet.    Melysa
  •  I have exactly 2 years (well, 1yr 364 days) between my first and third. So I have a 2 yr old, 1yr old and an 8month old. It’s challenging initially, but now they’re all in the same routine I love it. They’re all very close with one another, play together, share with each other and teach each other. Its beautiful watching my older two show the baby how to do things they’ve only just learnt themselves. It’s just three of everything, three nappy changes, three dinners, three to bath. I guess it’s more like having triplets than three children different ages in terms of looking after them.    Meg
  •  3 years and regardless of age gap more than 1 child is harder.   Sarah
  •  I have a 7 year gap between my first and second. Now my second is 5 and I am pregnant with my third. This made it easier for me, having one independent before having another.   Jessica
  •  There is a 13month age gap between my first and second. First was a girl, second was a boy. Positives would be the fact that they’re both in nappies so its not like it was a big change when my second came along and although they’re only 5months and 18months the eldest likes to mother my son a lot so i guess there good mates already and i have them in the same routine with sleeping time so i have 3-4hours to myself during the day. Negative- when i BF my son when he was born, my daughter was quite jealous so it can be difficult trying to juggle the two if BF at all. But apart from that they are a joy to have especially being so close in age. I do think they will be quite close indeed.   Alesha
  •  14 months gap. The positives were that the oldest one learnt independence very early, once the second one started walking it was almost like having twins, they’re great mates, clothes don’t spoil in storage waiting to be worn by the next one! Having babies closer together makes you become more resourceful!! The challenges were having to make rules like everyone having to hold onto the trolley or each other – when two toddlers run in opposite directions and there’s only one of you there’s a recipe for disaster, also making sure that each child got special time with both myself and my husband as well as group time – we were very conscious of not making the older one feel left out or pushed out. I made sure when he came to the hospital for the first time to see his brother that there was a fabulous gift for him and I was available for an immediate hug with his brother being something to look at later!   Charlotte
  •  My first two children are almost 2 years apart (my son was born 3 days before my daughter turned 2) they are now 4.5 and 2.5 yrs old. I also have an 11.5 month old. 4. I started to give cooled boiled water at 4 months old to all 3 of my children.   Ellen
  •  First and second is a 10 yrs age gap. Second is 10.5 months and I’m 4 months preggers with no.3!!!!!   Mel
  •  18 month gap, two boys it’s crazy but I love it! And I personally wanted the baby stage over and done with early I didn’t want to prolong it! I think no matter the age gap there will be challenges! But it’s a very personal choice as to how far apart or close u want that age gap.  Kathryn
  •  My gaps were both about 28 months and have no regrets. They are able to do a lot themselves and to help you.    Rosalie
  •  We had 2.5years gap and LOVED it. He was old enough to understand baby in my belly and he came to all my ultrasounds. No complaints about the age gap at all.   Lauren
  •  I have a 9 year old, 5 year old & a 7 month old! To be honest I love how the older 2 are independent, self sufficient & entertain themselves while I look after baby. When baby is asleep, it’s their time & vice versa.. Each to their own but personally I couldn’t do small gaps. I don’t cope well lol.    Rema
  •  23 1/2 months was hard not being able to play as much later in preg and when bub was new, great they get along beautifully, older brother helps and protects his sister, was old enough to understand that there was a baby coming and who she was.   Jules
  •  My first 2 are 25 months apart, then my 2nd and 3rd are 20 months apart and there is 3 yrs between 3rd and 4th. Prefer the large age gap, but only because my older kids were toilet trained and could generally amuse themselves. Having a smaller age gap is great for the kids as they are really close, but I found it hard work with them while they were younger. Now it’s not so bad as they are 8,6,4 and 1.   Rosemary
  •  My first is 7, second 15 months and third 8 weeks- the big age gap is easy. The 13 month age gap is hectic. Just got to take the good with the bad and always look on the bright side of life lol.   Terri
  •  1 & 2 are sixteen months apart 3 &4 will be just under 11months apart.   Jess
  •  19 months between 1 & 2 and will be almost 2 years between 2 & 3. Love the age gap wanted them close.    Katrina
  •  3yrs 8 mth gap between my two! Pros: my boy was toilet trained, great sleeper and was able to entertain himself whilst I fed his sister. Cons: he was at kinder and trying to fit feeding both, getting things ready for kinder, naps and drop offs and pick ups was a bit full on but u get a good flow and it all works.   Caitlin
  •  My kids are 18 months apart (one is now 5 1/2 and the other is 4) and the age gap is awesome! They are both boys are best friends…..they keep each other entertained which is great. The negatives are; it was an extremely hard first year until my youngest could walk as it was like having two babies. Also, my elder one regressed and took a long time to come back from this (we have held him back from school a year)I wouldn’t hesitate to have this age gap again if we had other kids.   Christine
  •  There is 2 and a half yrs between my first two. 3years between my second and third. There aren’t any negatives. The elder 2 are really helpful.   Lauren
  •  Going to be exactly two years with bubs due in next 30 days. Already a dreading terrible twos and a newborn.   Cassie
  •  My 2 are 2yrs 2months 2days apart! Think it’s a perfect gap as my 8yr old can be somewhat responsible for her brother but still at the age where they play with each other all the time… And fight with each other all the time… Lol.   Sherree
  •  We’ve got 23months between 1 n 2 n 11months between 2 n 3. Both r great age gaps.  Simone
  •  2.5 years between #1 &2… Hate it… they fight constantly… on a rare occasion they might get along but it doesn’t happen often. Looking forward to my eldest starting school this year. There is 13 months between #2 & 3… they seem to get on better. There is 3.5 years between my youngest & eldest… they get on really well.   Stacey

What is the age gap between your first and second child?

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