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Agitated when pregnant

agitated when pregnantI’m 5 months pregnant. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I get agitated quickly. My boyfriend cant even make a joke then I’m all up in his face. I’m frustrated, tired and can’t seem to do anything right. I’m scared if this goes on then I’m going to lose him. Please help.


  • Oh love, it’s hormones and totally normal. Sit your boyfriend down and explain that you are hormonal and feel horrible and apologise for your behaviour but it isn’t your fault. I’m sure he’ll understand x Lisa
  • Tell him that you hate that it keeps happening and you dont know why you’re so angry and upset but that your hormones are crazy at the moment
    Have a day dedicated to laying around. Rest up eat good food have a long bath or shower and reconnect with yourself. Then the next day go hang out with your boyfriend try to control yourself and it gets so much easier, especially when you can keep thinking just how much you love him and how youve both created life together. Haylee
  • Welcome to pregnancy hormones lovely! Maybe download some info on them and show your partner to help him understand what’s going on. If he loves you, he’ll try and understand, things only get a whole lot more hectic when bub arrives, so he needs to buckle up and hold on!! Goodluck. Sharon
  • It’s just your body trying to cope with all the extra hormones from the pregnancy. Explain that to him. You could talk to your gp about it to see if things like evening primrose oil tablets are safe. They help with PMS symptoms. Hannah
  • Pregnancy hormones are a bitch! But it is completely normal for your emotions to be all over the place. Mine manifests as horrible anxiety. The things my husband has had to put up with!!!!!!! It’s you bf’s job to be loving & supportive during this time, regardless of your emotions – if he can’t handle that then HE needs to seek some professional help. Trish
  • Hormones darl. Turns us into dragons. Just breathe in and out and smile and nod your head at his jokes your taking personally. Your only going to get more tired as it goes on. Try to get to bed early and have naps. Snacking will help your blood sugar levels and help you maintain an even mood. If I was hungry or tired i would lose my shiz. Danielle

Remove yourself and calm down

  • I was like that in my 2nd pregnancy. Turns out dd2 was also a very frustrated little human being and i was channelling her personality! If u feel yourself getting agitated…remove yourself from the situation and calm down. Im sure u wont lose him, just make him understand that u dont mean it and u r very sorry. Ashlea


  • Have a chat with your gp/midwife/obstetrician about it just in case – it may be anxiety related? Jessica
  • I felt this way, GP diagnosed me with anxiety and we managed it together.  Go and chat to your GP, it really helped me. Rach

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